Frost DK Rotation Smoothing

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All in all, I like where Frost DK's are standing right now. With that said, there's always room for a little improvement.

The one thing that would smooth out the rotation overall, would be to bake in the 4 Piece T19 NH bonus to Rime. Every time we cast a Rime proc, we get 6 runic power (or 8 RP like the original 4 piece bonus).

Firstly, during BoS burst there are times where we cannot spend a GCD to cast a Rime proc or we risk dropping the breath prematurely. I believe that rewarding the Rime proc with a small RP gain will help smooth out this speed bump.

Secondly, there are short periods where we are both Rune and Runic power starved. Adding a small RP gain to Rime procs will help in reducing these droughts with an added Frost Strike here and there.

It makes sense, and it's not asking for a huge rework of how the class/Spec works.

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