What to do at 120? (PVP/Resto)

What should I do once I hit 120? (I want to be geared PVP/resto)

I boosted this druid. I just returned after like 5-6 years.
On my level 90 warlock and warrior, I remember just doing things like arathi basin/alterac valley and all that good stuff to farm pvp gear.

Do I just do BGs once I hit 120 to get (Mythic or whatever gear), and to get azerite?

You'll probably still want to do PvE things as that can increase your ilvl faster, You can also do the island pvp adventures to boost your neck/azerite level. You will get drops/conquest for wins and that should help with gear. You won't get higher than 340 gear till your arena ranking gets over a certain amount. Not sure what ranking that is.
Here's what I did. Do WQs for gear while queued for Random BGs for experience playing at 120 and a chance at gear. Try to get the conquest reward from 1 BG/Epic BG/Arena win each day. Get your 320 cape from rep, each BfA faction has one and you probably already have the rep to get one. Pray for a gear reward after each game. And don't get discouraged if you get rolled over and over. It gets a lot better once you get some gear and experience under your belt. <3 good luck

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