Zandalari and Kul Tirans: Do you care anymore?

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I've stopped caring honestly.

I just unlocked Mag'Har this morning. I was real tempted to race change my UD rogue to one. I created some test trial 120's to test out mogs, and just felt meh. I'm not going to race change after all.

But then it hit me, do I really plan to level one up from scratch? I hate leveling, let alone from 0. Then the question came up, am I going to pay to server/faction change my dwarf warrior, or pay for a 110 boost? Can't really say I feel the urge to do any of that, especially after how many tokens I've bought to sell for gold to stay afloat this expansion (that's a first in my on/off 12 years of playing this game)

Bottom line on all of this is, I've already 2 months into an expansion that feels like a slowly sinking ship. I really hate seeing the game in this state, but, like others have said, I've lost my excitement/interest in the 2 new races; they waited way too long to release either in the story, both should have been released in anticipation of going to Uldir (which has been like a complete waste in terms of importance to the story of this expansion).
Never cared tbh.
They are time gating and delaying so much this expansion. My sub runs out in two weeks, and I'm honestly thinking about taking a break. Why continue to pay Blizzard when they don't listen to suggestions, have scripted Q&As every few weeks, have shoved RNG into everything, and don't even deliver promised content right away? I can instead take a break, and come back to new Allied Races, flying, faster alt leveling (110-120 heirlooms) and (possibly) Azerite being in a better state.
I'm an alt freak but man burning out on making same classes, i have 3-4 of a single class so adding new races again is fine but i'm gonna hold out making new allied races for a year or so i have got some pretty top tier names picked for kultiran and the new troll alt, but will level them slowly when i'm bored with the others.
10/15/2018 12:12 PMPosted by Divium
They are really holding on to a key feature of this expansion for a long time.

It's become their only thing now. Frankly it's kind of reminding me of the release of Twilight Princess for Gamecube at this point. By the time it finally happens, the entire matter will no longer be relevant. But hey, they always harp on about making the game they want to play.

So who knows, maybe it'll be easier when their the only ones playing it. I share the sentiment of a slowly sinking ship though. I've never been so quick to leave the game before. Not even in Warlords. I was in at least until Hellfire Citadel before I burned out.
Never did in the first place.
I do care about Zandalari Trolls.

I've got my second Druid at 114 now I believe, and he'll be ready to switch to Zandalari when it happens.

Oh you mean do I feel like whining about it, or am I impatient or bummed about it?

Not really.
10/15/2018 12:12 PMPosted by Divium
They are really holding on to a key feature of this expansion for a long time.

This is what the breaking point for me is. Like, WTF? Why are features that would normally be available at launch, not available at launch? Apathy has definitely set in, im actively looking for other games to play this has turned into a circus.
Yes I'm still very excited for the new druid forms.
Of course. I have a character slot free for my Kul Tiran when it becomes available. I don't mind the wait because I have so much to do that I wouldn't get play her anytime soon anyway.
10/15/2018 12:15 PMPosted by Mikaelle
Why would I care about a "new race" that's literally fat people?

Really? Smh
10/15/2018 12:15 PMPosted by Enekie
I can't even bring myself to be excited about the Dark Irons and I'm in spitting distance of unlocking them.

Why would I be excited about something unfun I have to do to unlock something that might be kind of vaguely fun before beginning to grind (which is unfun)?

There's too much grind, not enough fun.

The quests to unlock the dark iron are pretty damn cool
10/15/2018 12:13 PMPosted by Gladewalker
I am super excited about changing to Kul Tiran. A little bummed it's taking so long, but still pumped.

I am kinda in this same boat here.
I am looking forward for the KT but it’s just taking to much for a core feature of this expansion to be released and I am really “afraid” that once they finally do release it I will not care about it anymore and will most likely not be playing at all.
I once cared but after I main swapped to a Class the Kul'Tiran can't even be it no longer matters to me. I doubt there is anything they could do at this point to get me to go back to my Druid. I am wondering if they can even do anything to keep me playing at this point.
I'm concerned that so much of BfA's content will have passed that by the time I play the Kul Tirans, I feel as if I'll be grinding them through a game without much to offer. I wish they were out now so they could be played through upcoming updates to the game (8.1, et).
As others have said the apathy has set in. I really don't care if I play period. Let alone a new character. I have them unlocked, but I just don't care.
I’ve never once thought hey I’m going to level an allied race but when those Zandalari come out I am for sure
I never did care about either race. I'm not interested in trolls or chubby humans.

I'm most especially not interested in new races that don't provide an druid option for Horde that's not trolls or cows.
I'm excited for both the Zandalari and Kul Tirans but I think both these races should have been available to play the moment you got exalted with their faction rep.

It would have allowed us more time to level them up to 120 and let's be honest,leveling up new characters in Warcraft is just not fun anymore.It is outright boring and feels like a chore even with the heritage armor cosmetic award.
zandalari intrigued me.

never count your chickens before they hatch.

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