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As an orc player, what I think Orcs need is to have their concept of “Honor” actually codified. Give them a written text to follow, teach to their children, and refer to in times of question. A Law of Warfare document that actually defines dishonorable war crimes, and expounds on the underlying principles of legal, honorable war. Something that would fulfill the function of The Hague and the Geneva Conventions in Azeroth. Saurfang ought to write it as either his manifesto while in exile or as the first law he passes as War-chief. He could call it The Code of Warcraft (j/k, but if you think about it............)

I don’t see the need to import a deity from another setting, but there is orcish religion that can and should revived:
1. The orcs never did regain their connection to their ancestors. Both actual worship and communion and looking to their examples, learning from their mistakes and triumphs would be good. That’s a direction Thrall could go with his Shamanism.
2. If we’re going to give them a god, I’d suggest either Grond or Aggramar. Again, this could be something Thrall helps introduce to Orcish culture. As he tries to reestablish his Shamanism at the Throne of the Elements the Furies could give him a vision of that first primal struggle. He could get some insight into how his race, his world is born of conflict.
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seeing how blizzard's lore department, player NPC drone fanboyism and years of Kosak's shenanigans did to the the old race...

i disagree
Trinimac was eaten by Boethia and defecated out as the Daedric Prince whose sphere is the patronage of the spurned and ostracized. His elves were likewise cursed to be of similar form and function. The rejected refuse pile.

Telling orc players that orcs are fecal matter does not fix orcs. It doubles down that there's no getting better from here.

and the orcs AFTER Warcraft 2 are that, only the events followed a different path, but in the end they were mutated and became demonic crap, rejected by everyone, including its former selves in Outland, the Nagrand Mag'Har quest its you and thrall trying to regain their confidence.

The Orcs live in Durotar and the Barrens because of it, its a Punishment to remind them what they are after they dabbled with Demonic magic and forgotten their origins.

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