[A] The Hallowed Core 1/8M

Server: Dalaran-US

Guild: The Hallowed Core

Faction: Alliance

Progression:8/8N 7/8H 1/8M

Looking for:
A resto shaman, Spriest, mage, warlock and ret pally

Tues and thur 9-11:30 pm est

Mythic progression

About us: The Hallowed Core was started late 7.1.5 and downed 10/10H before the patch. Unfortunately we did not have enough people to start mythics but now we do and are looking to push mythics! We are a close group of friends that we consider family! Our team works together as a family should to progress at a casual setting while maintaining a nice progression speed! We're just looking to progress while having fun!

If you'd like more information about the guild or xferring over to join us please add me on Bnet: Catriarra#1620
or contact a officer in game: Catvndis, Whät, Blindful, Ohfer and Celestialla.

We Hope to see you soon

I'm interested. 365 ret/protection paladin

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