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Can we please, PLEASE get some kind of deserter status for people that leave groups during mythic +keys, Seems like about 50% of all the groups I've been in people rage quit for the most minor of reasons, just to list a few.. (an extra pull they weren't happy with, someone forgot to CC a pat, minor issues in the beginning that will lead to key not being completed in a +3 or +2, someone giving constructive criticism and the individual took the wrong way. with no repercussion, There basically trolling keys. how is this fair? And there's no way to track them. I find it worse the better the IO score is the more that player feels they don't need to be there.

Stop trying to PUG M+ if you are having this problem. Make friends and run with people you know and trust. If you must PUG then be very clear with everyone what your expectations from the run are. If you are just going for completion then you should say so because a lot of people, myself included, are not interested in running keys that don't make the timer.
How about if someone leaves there should be the option to get a replacement as the timer is busted anyway. Just for completion. I think that is what people want. Just can not be a kick mechanic as that would be abused. I am sure on keys 7 plus someone would see that and join for completion.
M+ should stay the same, get a better group, simple.
10/25/2018 05:15 PMPosted by Nightsage
How about if someone leaves there should be the option to get a replacement as the timer is busted anyway. Just for completion. I think that is what people want. Just can not be a kick mechanic as that would be abused. I am sure on keys 7 plus someone would see that and join for completion.

Would be abused by raiding guilds looking to gear alts quickly.
When I was thinking about the issue the only solution I could come up with was for Raider IO to have an addon that tracked groups left before key completion and whether or not you were the first to leave the group. Any other system was subject to some serious abuse, that includes allowing this to impact the IO rating itself. It would just have to be a couple numbers that present how often someone leaves group, how long they stay on average, and how often they are the first to leave the group when the key is not complete.
There is no possible fix for leavers.

How do you find a compromise between someone doing things right while others are not?

I've left many groups because they aren't doing mechanics, even after I tell them to. Why should I be forced to waste my time around people who can't do things right, mind you, I usually run keys level 8 or above. At this point people should know fight and deadly trash mechanics (eg. assassin poisons + blade aoe in motherlode that are interruptible).

You get rekt by Adderis's lightning shield? I'm leaving.
You can't get the totems down at vol'kaal? I'm leaving.
You're a DPS who won't bother picking up sharks from me in FH? I'm leaving.
Your'e right, and unlike the poster above mine, I know there is a fix for leavers specifically repeat offenders.

Every mythic+ dungeon should have a minimum effort requirement, think 45-60 minutes. if you want to disband before that point you need to do a group vote. Three yes votes and the group is disbanded without penalty. If you leave without voting for disband, or staying for the minimum effort time limit, you get a strike placed against you. If you get 3 strikes in a 3 week period you lose your cache for the week and can't enter mythic+ dungeons for the next 2 weeks.

Some leavers aren't even rage quitters. The players who don't want 'bad' runs posted to their profile. This example is even worst if you ask me. So many pitiful human beings out there that go out of their way to fake appearances. Shameful.
Okay, how about this for a solution. If someone Goes link dead or leaves the party the group votes if they get deserter status. if we can vote you out on normal we should be able to vote that you get a deserter status for ruining a +key. just because you have a high ilvl and understand the mechanics doesn't mean everyone does and everyone should pay the price for your raging! were humans not robots. Why should pugs not be allotted the opportunity do as good as others. Im an undercover nerd. my work friends don't play WoW.
Why not if someone leaves party, the group gets prompted to vote whether it was for malicious reasons or not.

So if they leave because of DC/legit reason or something you can vote that it was not malicious and nothing happens, but if they rage quit, you vote malicious and they get slapped with a Deserter debuff.
10/25/2018 04:18 PMPosted by Fierytaint
Make friends and run with people you know and trust.

This is the wow version of "just be yourself"
You can try making friends to run keys with. That usually secures your key from "rage quitters".
I agree that making friends to push a +key its a way to avoid rage quitters and i believe thats what Blizzard intended with m+ at the beginning of Legion. But this shouldnt be used as a solution to quitters problem, bc like someone here said "we are humans, not robots", sometimes ppl cant play the game, are tired etc etc...thats why we have the LFG and Premade Group avaliable.
That being said i think that the best solution would be a vote mechanic to mark someone that left your key for a bad reason, if the 3 or more people voted yes, this person would be "marked" for a few keystone runs. When youre marked youll have an icon in the left or right of your name when u queue for a group or when youre making a group, then ppl will know that u are a quitter and its their responsability if they will take the risk or not. This way if they want to unmark themselves theyll need to finish dungeons like a normal person.
The more you quit more keys youll have to do and less the ppl will play with you until you prove that youre better than you were. For me thats the perfect solution, i dont like the idea of prohibit people from doing keys because in the end of the day they are paying the game so they should be able to play even when theyre idiots and bad, but we shouldnt be "forced" to play with a idiot bc we didnt know him.
I keep seeing these requests for deserter debuffs on Mythic+ key leavers and it irks me every time. I'm someone who relies on PuGs a lot and has never left a dungeon early unless someone else drops and it's not possible for us to end the dungeon as a 4 man, and yet I am against this idea to brand or give leavers a deserter debuff.

I'll admit I haven't had the chance to try anything above +8 at the moment, but I can't imagine the 10-11 crowd being all that much different and I've rarely had people leave mid-dungeon. I keep seeing people accusing others of trolling keys, yet I've not seen a single instance of so-called trolling since I started doing Mythic+ in Legion. The only leavers I encountered were people who left after multiple wipes on the same boss and clear indication that the group doesn't understand mechanics well enough to progress at any kind of decent pace. And even then, more often than not, people have stuck with bad runs. Is this really as big a problem as people make it out to be?

You can't force your personal standards on a PuG. There are people running certain dungeons for the sake of increasing their Raider IO score and if the run isn't going to be timed, it becomes a complete waste of both time and gold. It is possible to circumvent these issues by making your own group and adding in the description that you're looking for key completion, not pushing for time, and therefore attract like-minded people. What you shouldn't do is join other people's groups and expect everyone to abide by your personal code of honor.

It's admirable that you like to see things through and will continue to push forward no matter what, but not everyone shares the sentiment. Some people have limited playtime and would rather not have it wasted on a single run that stretches out far beyond what it normally should.
10/27/2018 05:14 PMPosted by Cerrberus

It's admirable that you like to see things through and will continue to push forward no matter what, but not everyone shares the sentiment. Some people have limited playtime and would rather not have it wasted on a single run that stretches out far beyond what it normally should.

You're saying that the leaver dont want to waste time so for his own sake he should quit, but what about the 4 other people there? I get it, sometimes you cant finish the dg and i already quitted some of them too, but youre potentially wasting 4 others people time too (and its pretty frustrating having a quitter).

Thats why we should at least have a warning about these persons, then we can decide if we want a potential quitter or not, its a punishment but it wouldnt destroy his life and make impossible to him queue and find a more competent group, but he would be less desired for his actions (like i said before, it should be a vote system, then if someone quit and at least 2 others arent mad about it, would have no punishment at all).
Literally rage quit, as throwing a tantrum full of profanity prior to leaving? Or just quietly leaving and you feel like calling it "rage quitting" because, well, you want to.

If people leave your group once in a while, that happens. If it happens a lot, it's a you problem.
Eh m+ encourages people to burn themselves out, it's not a surprise when people get tilted. It doesn't bother me when someone leaves, if you don't have the emotional maturity to handle a person leaving your dungeon run I'd suggest taking up yoga or some form of meditation to help you chill out. I was in a run the other night in which the mage we had got tilted immediately, he didn't leave though he just chain pulled the instance which on bolstering explosive infested made the run a nightmare, I was like lol oh well. If I was like some of you guys I would have got on here to make a forum post like "OMG THERE NEEDS TO BE A PUNISHIMENT SYSTEM" Get over it.
I want to know what the deal is with people on reset days joining groups, zoning in, and one pull later leaving. Is this a griefing trend?
its very clear if you are an exp M+ when you just joined a group of players who have 0 clue what they are doing in a dungeon, if your doing a key over +7 you need to have at least have the basics of the dungeon
This is why I enjoyed Vanilla wow dungeons so much. You taught the bad people how to do them so they could get better. The main reason was time, it took quite amount of time to form the groups then quite amount of time to actually get to the dungeon. If someone was failing in that dungeon, you taught them how to play and run it because it was more time efficient to do so.

The side effect of sitting there and teaching someone how to play, was that someone got better at the game and you might have made a friend in the process. These are not bad things.

LFD and LFR are terrible for the game in this respect. However, I think Mythic + has been the biggest offender of creating a toxicity between players and instead of being comrades and teaching someone how to do something and maybe becoming friends, that stupid little timer takes any fun out of building that relationship.

Instead of sitting there and teaching someone mechanics or how to play their character a little better. People see that stupid timer counting down and get so angry that they will not make it because some random pug is messing up so bad. This in turn makes people yell at the pug and call them profane names and other put downs that instead of teaching the player to get better, they think you are an a hole too for calling him names.

To make things worse, there is absolutely no reason for players who outgear the lower dungeons to go and farm them, alleviating some of the bad players mistakes. Instead you get alts with unskilled players or a whole group of unskilled players.

Group A: Alts and unskilled players. No one outgears the content, the alts get mad at the unskilled players and those start a fight starts to unravel the group. Ending in name calling and the such

Group B: All unskilled players. No one knows what they are doing or how to play. They get dejected and quit a part ways into the dungeon. Or they start fighting each other and blaming each other and quit half way through the dungeon.

Group C: Guild Group.

Group D: Pug Group high raider.io

Do you see the similarities between group A and B, and C and D?

A and B: No one is helping each other learn how to play the game, the alts get mad and leave and go try and find a different dungeon from group A. From Group B no one knows how to play and get dejected and frustrated and just leave group without figuring it out together.

C and D: Experienced players all playing together who already know each other or know how to do the dungeons and mechanics. Not many issues.

What you need is a reason for players from C and D to play with the player from A and B. However there is no incentive to do so whatever.

The lack of community in this game saddens me to no end. There is no incentive to be friendly or help each other anymore.

While there are many factors for this, BfA's version of Mythic + has exasperated this issue.

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