Rage quitting +keys need repercussions!

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Use discord. You'll have far more success and people are far less likely to leave over errors. If people won't get on discord replace them with people who will before you start.
No chance OP. If you put in your thing you're going to push the key or 3-chest for sure and so on but you screw it up, invite other scrubs and want me to carry you all, then I'm outta there. Not saying I do it all the time but I've ditched keys for wiping repeatedly to stupid things and I shouldn't be punished for it.
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How about if someone leaves there should be the option to get a replacement as the timer is busted anyway. Just for completion. I think that is what people want. Just can not be a kick mechanic as that would be abused. I am sure on keys 7 plus someone would see that and join for completion.

Would be abused by raiding guilds looking to gear alts quickly.

And why does this matter to anyone else? Most peoples frustration is that they went into a instance and wasted 30 min/1 hour or more and did not get anything to show for it except a busted key. Raiding guilds already were doing things in the past like split runs etc. to get gear and blasting through mythic plus. IDK if they gear alts and get gear the best will still be the best. I do care with the limited time I have to do something productive. I usually tank so this is not a problem for me but I can see how it can be for dps especially if it is their key being busted.
The most common offenders are quel thalas players. Their go to is the ole die log off routine.
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This is why I enjoyed Vanilla wow dungeons so much. You taught the bad people how to do them so they could get better. The main reason was time, it took quite amount of time to form the groups then quite amount of time to actually get to the dungeon. If someone was failing in that dungeon, you taught them how to play and run it because it was more time efficient to do so.

You bring up some good points, but I would like to counter at least part of this argument.

First of all, M+ is not the time to learn mechanics outside of the affixes. Obviously you won't encounter them outside of M+ so you need to learn them when you run M+. This issue can be alleviated a bit by people that have not done the affix running M+ with just completion as the intended goal. This way they can take their time understanding the mechanics and getting good at them so they can attempt timed runs. Communication that you are going for completion vs timer BEFORE the instance starts can alleviate issues with others getting upset about missing the timer.

Secondly, the dungeons and mechanics in Vanilla were substantially easier than anything we encounter today. People that were horrible at their class were able to complete the content because there were no hard DPS checks, mechanics that must be interrupted, one shot mechanics etc. In BFA most dungeons include these mechanics in them and so its not as easy for a bad player to get by with help from others. If an interrupt rotation isn't followed it could cause numerous wipes. If you don't have enough DPS for a particular boss or trash pack it makes it exponentially more difficult or it runs too long and the healer goes OOM. If you don't move for the mechanic that will one shot you, well you get the point. Just to add to this, one bad player is not just impacting the group by slowing things down. Their deaths contribute to a reduction in the timer. The heals that they receive because of eating avoidable damage could have been applied to another player taking unavoidable damage or if thats not a thing, then the time spent healing the baddie could have been spent DPS'ing to help complete the timer quicker. There is an opportunity cost to any amount of time spent teaching someone how to play or compensating for their lack of skill.

With that said, I'm all for helping a player get better at the game. In lower keys I would encourage it, however in higher keys players should come with the knowledge of their role/class in order to complete the dungeon in time.
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Can we please, PLEASE get some kind of deserter status for people that leave groups during mythic +keys, Seems like about 50% of all the groups I've been in people rage quit for the most minor of reasons, just to list a few.. (an extra pull they weren't happy with, someone forgot to CC a pat, minor issues in the beginning that will lead to key not being completed in a +3 or +2, someone giving constructive criticism and the individual took the wrong way. with no repercussion, There basically trolling keys. how is this fair? And there's no way to track them. I find it worse the better the IO score is the more that player feels they don't need to be there.


Are you rage quitting...because of rage quitting?
They should at least not get items and rewards mailed to them at the completion of the dungeon. Really tired of 4 manning because of people just going afk.
Punishment for rage quitting isn't the answer. Incentive to stay longer is the better solution.
11/06/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Pouljikhan
Punishment for rage quitting isn't the answer. Incentive to stay longer is the better solution.
You are a merciful person but offering crap isn't gonna keep everyone from screwing people over. The M+ system is gonna be flawed when it comes to pugs and people but the solution seems really far out of reach.

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