What Melee Class Do You Enjoy The Most?

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Ret Paladin.
Just started maiming this guy. Fury is a ton of fun!
My fav melee class is prot paladin. I like the clang sound when I throw my shield at things. :p
Windwalker monk.. fist of fury is too much fun
I have hardly troubled to PvP at all since BC (it became un-fun when WotLK dropped, DKs were overpowered, and I was baffled at how to counter them), but I really enjoy Retribution Paladin, with switcheroo over to Prot when I feel like it.
I lvled my hunter because I wanted a ranged class. @#$% my !@@ when the melee spec does more damage.
Blood DK.

I like the mini-game for Death Strike healing, but I really enjoy the strength of the toolkit. APM might be a tad low, but it feels rewarding when played properly.
Retribution Paladin of course, good damage, great survivability, great cc as well. Along with a strong tank spec, and heals as well, there really isn't another mele class that compares for the range of gameplay.
My warr is only 114 so i feel like i might be missing something lol.

But i'm digging arms more than fury right now (not saying fury is BAD... i'm just liking arms a bit more leveling).

Part of it might be that i was fury on this character for almost all of legion. On top of familiarity with the spec, i also feel the loss of the artifact traits more than i thought i would.

With Arms i could never get into it because i didn't like the Colossus smash window. Now that it is basically gone i kinda like how the spec feels. Whirl doing a free slam, cleave putting big bleeds on things and avatar+bladestorm feeling awesome (though i realize that could largely be done with fury too).

Also, second wind is like my favorite talent ever lol. Zero downtime and if you are tricky with it (using hamstring and/or heroic leap) you can use it for some serious in-combat healing too if you take on something mean.

Anyway, just my $0.02. I might dip back into fury sometime in the future (as i hear so many good things) but for now i'm enjoying Arms more than i expected :)
The QoL with a DH when there is no flying is amazing. Double jump helps more than you think.
Mained Outlaw throughout Legion but I've been hooked on Survival Hunter lately. It's ranged/melee hybrid playstyle is so much fun. Dotting up your target before bursting them down with mongoose bite feels so right.
For me, it's warrior, the quisstential melee class. Nothing says melee than wielding giant axes, maces and swords. Should you feel the need to survive longer, a sword and shield is perfect. It feels good, no magic or any other supernatural abilities. The only thing that matters is pure, raw strength.
10/28/2018 08:50 AMPosted by Haunter
there's not much difference between the two save for roll the bones.

A BS mechanic, combat didn't have some RNG crap. No class should have RNG abilities. /rude to the devs for that.

Semper Fi!
This one. I'm also trying to learn guardian spec DPS on my druid gatherer.. Takes forever to build up enough whatever to do any damage though.
(I gather as tank to avoid stuns.)
Fury Warrior

1. My name fits with it

2. I like having good survivability when equipped well enough as well as deal damage

3. Its the class I started with

4. And I like to go crazy at times like a berzerker, a tiny, little, insane berzerker...

...with big hammers lol.
Sv hunter. Nice rotation, good damage with cleave and ST options, decent survivability with movement and pet, and okay cc.. I also enjoy BM

I was Ret before I made the switch to hunter. Ret is a slow weak garbage.
i have at 120: warlock, hunter, paladin, warrior, shaman.

warlock obv has no mele spec


for me with what i have at 120.

of my lower level alts i like unh dk the best. he may be my next 120.

edit: prot pally and warrior are above those in fun factor but i'm figuring you're wanting to dps so i didn't include them. prot pally imo is one of the most fun specs in the game for soloing and doing holiday bosses and stuff.
Warrior, rogue, DH.
I used to love enhance but haven't touched them for a bit
I thoroughly enjoyed my DK up until WoD when they took my 2h from Frost.

Since that unforgivable event, I have taken a liking to my Ret Pally.
Join a group:
bring sap, stuns for days, kick, blind, snare.
every spec feels great and performs competitive
interesting single target rotations
ignore mechanics with cloak and evasion
reduce mechanics you cant ignore with feint
make bad tanks good with tricks of the trade
stealth your friends for ambushes and trash skips
vanish / shadowmeld when it goes bad
15 to 30 to 40 % extra movement speed from talents
safe faaalllll

oh, and stealth. for afking anywhere, hanging out to capture a flag when defenders wander to far, picking fights to make the best of pulls and battlegrounds gone bad. and occasionally trolling punks.

definitely rogue.

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