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We had to wait through 7 freaking years to get more draenei stuff and then when we finally got it it was AU stuff that all got thrown in the garbage while orcs got to keep their AU stuff when they always get things every expansion.

you got dapper werewolves, thats a price your never gonna finish paying off :P

Yeah the goblins were okay, but you got DAPPER WEREWOLVES!! If that !@#$ doesnt scream horde race, I dunno what did. They storyline easily could have been written as the alliance rejecting them for being "evil" and undercity apothecaries finding the treatment to restore their sanity while giving us most of the Northern Part of continent united under the horde.
10/28/2018 08:08 AMPosted by Amadis
Woah. Kaz is still kicking it, rocking it with her gray mane. That's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately Alliance side we can't really expect to see any of the friends we made in Warlords of Draenor come back in good context.

I have no problems with Y'Rel pruning the Orc population given recent events.
10/28/2018 07:09 PMPosted by Reignac
Yrel and the Lightbound coming in would be a lot worse than just tension in the Alliance. They'd brainwash everyone and kill the ones they can't just like they did to the orcs. They were very, very clearly villain batted in the Mag'har scenario.
Their appearance would be alarming, but could make for an interesting side story. For instance, the Lightbound coming and committing some atrocity, to which the Alliance accuses their Lightforged before discovering the truth.

We know that there is a "main" timeline (ours) and that alternate timelines, when left alone, eventually dissipate. Imagine a scenario where the Lightbound (somehow) discover that. Naturally, they would do everything in their power to connect Draenor (AU) with the MU.

Plus, it would give even more reasons to use Mag'har characters.

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