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Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Reverie is a mostly casual, non-toxic guild looking to break out into the raiding scene. We are currently 7/8N and 1/8H with the intention of clearing both Normal and Heroic prior to AotC being removed for Uldir

We are full on Tanks and healers and primarily looking for dps, but will gladly accept quality players that can handle multiple roles (ideally a dps with tank OS in the event that one of our tanks is unavailable)
We raid Thursday and Saturday, 5PM-8PM Server (7-10PM Eastern)
Many of our members have families and children, so casual is key to keeping the raid team together, but still reaching all our goals in a timely manner in heroic level raiding.

Anyone interested in joining our raiding community, please feel free to add any of the following via battle tag or reach out to one of the following in game:

Kelryn#1211 (me)

In game contact:

We look forward to hearing from and conquering raids with you :)

- Maurá

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