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10/30/2018 05:17 PMPosted by Moons
I unsubscribed today before raid. I can’t justify 15 dollars a month for this. No reason to log in. Boring content. Terrible mythic plus design. Tired of the lotto mentality. I’ll take my 15 and play the actual lotto at least if I win there I can retire. Sad blizzard you gutted this thing that captivated people for over a decade.

Yeah im pretty sure this is the legendary "wow killer" everyone has been speaking of for years, and whoa, thats a fantastic idea, im going to allocate my $15 a month to a lotto ticket from now on lol!!! I mean its RNG but bliz kinda got me used to that idea ;)
We need “World of Wacraft: a world reborn”.

They get a year to complete a full on revamp of the game.

If FFXIV can do it, so can WoW.
10/30/2018 06:10 PMPosted by Humphumphus
10/30/2018 06:53 AMPosted by Nobully
lists are kind of pointless.
a bunch of catch-words still doesn't explain your issue/s.

are you actually able to specify what is wrong with these things, and how it's having a negative impact on your gaming experience?

Yet you just finished telling another poster above how much you loved his 'list'. it seems to me like your always trying to get more information out of other people with the intent of either wasting their time or so you can nitpick some small part of their argument, kinda trollish.

What's happening is that there's a number of "hall monitors" who are attempting to convince people that it's our fault the game sucks, because our criticism wasn't sufficiently constructive, in enough detail, did not cover enough issues and facets of each of those issues, and didn't provide a working solution for every problem in the game.

I just assume that people who use this propaganda technique are sent to the forum to waste the time of people who are attempting to convey their feelings.

Blizzard doesn't care how you feel about the game, which is why there's been a recent wave of trolls trying to convince people that they should stop caring about the game but keep subscribing.

Fun is an emotional state. Refusing to acknowledge that is part of what's gotten them into his fine mess.
Honestly, I lost interest at:
The orcs, captains of the herdy girdy noise brigade, out stealthing night elves at night.

Patch 8.1 in any way involving the nelves the way they do.

No me gusta.
10/30/2018 06:55 AMPosted by Nayaga
My guess is subscription loss over the years has seriously reduced the budget for development. Blizzard seems to be trying to stretch less content over a longer period of time in an effort to keep people subscribed longer.

The development team has a budget with goals defined by Management. Maybe they are doing good given their constraints. There is a "big picture" going on here and we only see our part of it.

I will continue to give constructive criticism, but I'm beginning to think there is only so much the Dev team will be able to do.

I play WoW for fun, when fun is removed, I voice my opinion.
1) I hate the GCD changes
2) I hate the pruning
3) I hate mob scaling
4) I'm very disappointed in class balance
5) I would much rather have Tier gear instead of Azerite gear.
6) As someone else said "The heart of azeroth is also an exceedingly bland mechanic". Just a boring grind. Not rewarding to me.

I love the art, music, sound effects, raids and dungeons.

I think the Dev team cares about the product, they are just limited by real world constraints.

While I think they make less money on WoW than they did back in its glory days, a company the size and scope of Activision/Blizzard really has no excuses to not put proper development time into this game.

They still get tons and tons more money than most games have to develop with. That being said, I know it's not apples to apples with a subscription-based game. I don't think there is anything stopping this game from reaching 7-10M subs again, it just really needs a revamp on virtually every system currently in the game.

Number one reason: blizzard killed the community. The community keeps people subbed. The community is what keeps hardcore players from leaving this absolute dumpster fire of an expansion. Players with existing raiding obligations or friends that play the game continue to play for those reasons and it is the only thing keeping them there.

One of my best memories from original wow was someone helping me quest (I think they were a few levels ahead) in Westfall. I didn't know the guy, but he reached out to me when he saw me questing (a concept completely foreign now that we have CRZ) and we did a few quests together. This type of interaction simply doesn't exist. The anonymity of LFG leads to toxic !@#$%^-s who leave the group (see the internet).

They broke the community aspect of the MMO and that is what has slowly killed the game, more than anything else IMO. The real hitter is BFA has simply an incredible amount of other problems to coincide with this.
10/30/2018 06:52 PMPosted by Zipzø
We need “World of Wacraft: a world reborn”.

I think we just got it. WoW pared down to raids, PvP, M+, and not much else.
If you name a change that's occurred in the game's systems over the past 4 years, it's probably been a severely negative one. To get the very few exceptions out of the way: Race model updates, transmog collection change, graphics. These are the only objectively good ones, you could argue the stat and ilvl squishes were good, and I'd be inclined to agree, but that's far more in the realm of subjectivity.

Warforging and titanforging is horrible, halving the size of our action bars is horrible, the narrative direction of the game's story is horrible, the amount of content per expansion and how quickly it gets released compared to in the past is horrible, artifact grinds were a horrible idea in both expansions, azerite is horrible, professions have become braindead to level, class design and balance have both gone majorly downhill the class sets have become more homogenized and lazy, uninspired. The increased sharding and other changes have significantly reduced any sense of community. The game has somehow become more buggy over time, even. It blows my mind how that's even possible, but it is.

Almost every direction the game devs are taking WoW is profoundly negative and I don't really see signs of it stopping or going in a more positive direction. I've been playing since 2006, a few months before the release of TBC, yet I've never had this rose-tinted longing for the past until WoD came around. Before then I've been content with every expansion as I played it.

TL;DR: Yeah WoW has gotten significantly worse over time and it's probably too far gone now.
10/30/2018 03:30 AMPosted by Crowlay
It's just not any more likely to die today, next week, next month, next year than it was at any point in the last 14 years.

Die? Not likely.

Fade? Decline? Reach a point where its high points are comparable to mid/low points in previous expansions?

It's naive to think the game isn't reaching that point due to age alone, and is being helped along by poor decisions from the development team.

It's easy to miss, but WoW itself simply doesn't have the cachet with the gaming world at large that it once enjoyed.

To parrot that list (as some of you are so fond of doing) yet again, without considering the context of the game's life during the various times within which those 87 things occurred, is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst.

Considering how that list had been artificially padded with silly crap that any thoughtful individual would clearly recognize as something that would not even negatively impact a game at all because they aren't major systems reworked and introduced as key features in an expansion?

Maybe contribute something worthwhile, instead of that pandering pile of crap.
I keep thinking I'm not playing the same game as people like the OP because I always have fun when I log in.

There are things I don't like so much, and things I think really need to be fixed (guild permissions being top of that list), but there have always been things I don't like and things needing to be fixed.

Somehow, I still have fun playing.
I feel bad for anyone who started playing in and after cata. I really wish you guys got to see just how great the game used to be.
10/30/2018 08:42 PMPosted by Pynta
I feel bad for anyone who started playing in and after cata. I really wish you guys got to see just how great the game used to be.

I played a tiny bit of vanilla (made it to level 27), started in Cata, then quit in MoP. Went back to play Wrath and had the most fun I've ever had in WoW.

Now I'm playing BC and thoroughly enjoying it as well. I'm looking forward to Classic.

I realized what I like about old WoW is simple: the 'World' in WoW is integral in a vertical and horizontal sense. It has stratification between a new and old player whether in spec, gearing, etc. Related to that is the scarcity of valuable things and slow nature of the game, which promotes cooperation with people on your level and for you to specialize in a complementary way.

So, you get a game with intact progression and community.
10/31/2018 12:20 PMPosted by Undedløck
Now I'm playing BC

Do you mean you're going through BC content? Or playing on a "BC" server?

Then close your eyes and play left handed.

Power progression is central to every RPG in existance, and they have completely broken the system in WoW.

No. How about you stop trying to substitute game playing with ego building?

LOL. My ego doesn't need any help that can be granted by status in a game.

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