Stop mining/herb node despawning.

So annoying.. You're reaching for that juicy Anchor weed , and it disappears, just because someone else picked it 30 seconds earlier.

One way to prevent this: Make it so it remains up for anyone who has it tracked on their minimap. For everyone else out of range, it despawns as usual after first pick.

Edit: Fixed the 30 seconds (Missed the zero key :)
or go back to the way it was before multitap. then you can really get teary eyed.
11/02/2018 06:13 AMPosted by Fugubar
just because someone else picked it 3 seconds earlier.

It is 30 seconds, not 3. But that doesn't change your good suggestion.

As a full-time gatherer, I've picked many Anchor Weed. But around 1 out of 4 nodes that I see and run to despawns before I can pick it. OP's suggestion would help remove that frustration.

This thread is not a complaint -- Blizzard has alread improved gathering a lot, first with the 30-second-multi-pick, then with increases in Anchor Weed.
I have the same problem when mining ghost iron ore in Valley of the Four Winds. The node shows on mini-map as a yellow dot, so I land on it and start mining. And then it decides to tell me 'Invalid Target'. This happens repeatedly. My guess is that the mini-map does not really get updated that frequently, that you only find out if the node is still available once you try to gather it. Which is really annoying. If the last person taps it, I want it gone from my mini-map then, not after I land on it and start mining it. The concept of multi-tap is OK, but as usual the actual implementation is rather poor.
Or with CRZ someone on a linked realm got to it already.
Or they can pause the timer just as you're picking it. I have the enchants for faster picking only for it to still vanish and with the need for anchor weed this is just a huge insult.

Then there is the case that i know other people need it and i feel bad picking it without anyone else around it feels like a waste.
it should last 4 hours after first pick to be fair.
It doesn't need to last 4 hours. I understand the concept of competition. The only things I don't like is the stupid dot stays on my mini-map until I land on it and start gathering. Sort of like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, and then taking it away at the last second. Here, here! A resource node! Oh, sorry, you can't loot that now.

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