Zandalari Trolls blizzcon

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We see blue posts saying no warlocks but the blizzcon pictures and the pictures in the PAST also say YES zandalari warlocks. Do we have any confirmation that one is right and the other is wrong?
I think the official website sources are correct and that the Blizzcon slide was wrong. I could be mistaken, though, but I'm assuming the Blizzcon presentation was wrong because the News post was altered to remove Zandalari Warlocks and Kul Tiran Mages.

Listed them as warlocks as well as the panel slides. Pretty dumb to show the classes on the panels as that's where a lot of people were looking to for classes.

2 blizz sources say yes, 2 say no. No clarification at all. Would suck because I was looking for to swapping to Zandalari lock and was under the interpretation it was going to be a thing going into blizzcon. Pretty disappointing.
Almost like Blizzard has no clue what they are doing ......

Welp, the thing that made me buy BfA officially died.

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