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I am puzzled with the interaction I had earlier today with a ticket (Ticket Number: US65721333)

On either October 19 or 20, I changed my subscription from a one-month to six month subscription, with the expectation of getting the Dreadwake mount. The one month sub didn't end until 29 October and then the new sub kicked in. Last night I submitted a ticket asking why I didn't receive the mount. I was told:

"In order to get the mount, you did need to purchase the bundle that was available, and not a 6-month subscription. The promotional period for the mount was also September 19th - October 21st. Looking at your purchases, you purchased your 6-month subscription on October 29th so you would not have been eligible to receive the mount as an exception either."

I explained in a reply late this morning that I had put in the order prior to the expiration of the offer, and that the new sub plan had just kicked in after the fact. At that time I was logged in to my alliace character doing WQs and had zoned into Ashran after that. I mounted up got into the air, and got DC'ed. Odd... Odder still was the fact that on the Blizz launcher, it said that my subscription was cancelled.

Then I got a reply that started like this:

"The offer was for gametime, not subscription. It was available for quite some time (September 18th - October 21st)

When you have a recurring subscription, no payment is taken until the current month has ended, and the new billing is due. We do not see when you set up a subscription. We just see the billing date. You are not billed as soon as the subscription is set up - only once the previous subscription ends. In this case, your 1 month subscription ended on the 29th, so we only see that billing took place on the 29th.

Fair enough, I guess. Then they said that they would refund the money for the sub. and then said:

"If you want to take part in any promotions in the future, please:

- ensure you understand what item it is that you are supposed to be buying - contact us if need be, we are happy to answer questions

- don't leave it until the last day of a promotion to make any necessary purchases. This gives no room for mistakes, or corrections.

The funny part is that this is my second account. I did the same thing with my first account and got the Dreadwake mount. The only difference was that the sub changed over before the expiration of the offer.

I'm pretty frustrated with this inconsistency as well as getting booted mid-game- I'm sure the GM could have whispered me, instead of cancelling the subscription, and sending a semi-snarky response. Also, please tell me the difference between $77 for 6-months game time and $77 for 6-month sub. Perhaps Blizz should be clearer and say that this doesn't apply to subscriptions. Or perhaps, see that someone purchased a 6-month sub and just give the mount? This seems like way more work than it should have been. Sorry for the wall of text.
You didn't purchase the 6 month sub until AFTER the promotion ended. It's not considered a purchase until the Sub time starts. It's considered a purchase when you pay for 6 months of game time. That amount is removed right away whereas a subscription is not charged until your game time runs out.

Game time = immediate purchase

Sub time = Purchase when current game time runs out.

Understand now?
They were very clear that it was the 6 month game time bundle. It was a package even in the store.

I don't know how much more clearer they could be.
11/04/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Paliboeuf
Perhaps Blizz should be clearer and say that this doesn't apply to subscriptions.

Our blog directly linked to the bundle in our shop, it outlined the requirements of the promotion pretty clearly and even outlined exceptions we'd be automatically extending to players who had purchased game time or subs before the promotion began.

11/04/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Paliboeuf
Or perhaps, see that someone purchased a 6-month sub and just give the mount?

If the subscription was purchased, actually purchased and not scheduled, during the promotion period then Game Masters were empowered to provide exceptions to those players. If a purchase landed outside of the promotional period, then that would not qualify.

The mount will become available as a standalone purchase at a later time. If your aiming to acquire it, you've not missed your opportunity.

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