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I normally don't like Alex's videos as I find him too combative & angry but in his latest video he's very calm.

He makes very good suggestion regarding a proposal on the patch schedule - and explain the reasons for them very well. Additionally I agree with a similar approach so easier to just link the video.


I hope Blizzard devs get a chance to see it as one possible scenario regarding patch schedule


1) Molten Core / Onyxia / Maraudon / Gurubashi Arena / STV Fishing Event / 8 Debuff Slots

2) Dire Maul / Kazzak / Azuregos / Updated Molten Core Loot

3) Blackwing Lair / BGs / PvP Rewards / Darkmoon Faire

4) Zul'Gurub / Green Dragons / 16 Debuff Slots / Silithus Content

5) AQ / Tier 0.5

6) Naxxramas / Scourge Invasion
I think Alex is straightforward, confident, and vocal; not so much/necessarily angry and combative.

But this is a great video and I really hope this kind of feedback gets taken seriously at Blizzard.

Also: no sharding, no loot trading.


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