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Out of curiosity... how old were you when wow hit if you played it when it was current?
12 on release came straight from WC3/D2
I had just turned 25 on Oct 10, 2004. So 25.
Maybe... 13 or 14? Don't remember exactly when I started but it was a bit before BC.
14 years younger than I am today.
I was 16, and didn't start until 1.12, when they were advertising TBC.
I was still leveling when the changes from the 2.0 patch hit live.

Does this make me a TBC baby because when i hit max, it was 70 not 60?
I started playing sometime in 2005 so... around 22 years old.
'05 - 29
I was just under a month shy of 40 when I started playing on November 23, 2004.
'04 - 35
04 - 21 years old
'05 - I had just turned 40
40.......and get off my damn lawn!
11/06/2018 01:39 PMPosted by Ooga
'04 - 35

11. Had just finished with WC3: Frozen throne before getting it for Christmas a month after it had released.
One year old. And I cleared MC on day one - solo. I have always been an over achiever.
2004 - 29 yrs old
15, the same age and week I lost my virginity.

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