Lifetime sub please Blizzard!

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11/07/2018 03:53 PMPosted by Bombsamdi
This the last xpac. Classic will kill retail.
It will not happen. They love money too much. If they do it, then they will turn off servers to say WOW 2 is coming. Reason: Azeroth was destroyed, the Alliance and Horde failed to save her. Therefore killing everyone on Azeroth. Then the Old Gods opened a portal to the Void and the Void Lords came through to wipe the universe all away.

BTW - WOW 2 is a mobile game. "You guys have phones."
I believe they have already made more than $500 from their average sub esp. if you include expansion costs. Why would they voluntarily take a pay cut?
I mean, I feel the same way, but I wouldn't go giving them my life savings...well, ever.
But Blizzard would have made:

$2520 off of my "lifetime" (14 years) sub.

So why would they DO THAT?
11/07/2018 02:30 PMPosted by Milynde
You have renewed my faith in ya'all after Ion's "what's coming" speech -- seriously!
I'd pay $500 right NOW for a lifetime sub that includes all future xpacs! sign me up

Other people respond about the lack of feasibility due to cost. My response is different.

How are you excited for the future of World of Warcraft after the head of the development team spearheaded genuinely bad mechanics, later tried to fix it by not only doubling down on bad mechanics (e.g. adding another ring, adding more passives, removing under-performing passives, adding explanations to passives where their were none), but bringing back an old system (valour points-esque) that we were told was bad in order to address the shockingly, obviously bad azerite armour system?

When the development team and the head of that team demonstrate they do not understand either the history of the game, the mechanics of the game, or both in developing the game's content, I just cannot understand how anyone can be excited outside of being a naive consumer and blind fan. I mean no disrespect by this, I simply do not understand how one can be excited for the future when things are demonstrably this bad.

But, hey, at the end of the day life is a dreadful experience and you should find a way to take enjoyment from it. If the future of WoW does it for you...well, I am honestly glad you have found your joy.
11/07/2018 03:44 PMPosted by Emt
You and all the suckers that buy the pre patch should be able to do xpac will be a WOW board game....monopoly but re-skinned.

It already exists
Lifetime subs sound good on paper, and they're great if you don't suspect that your MMO will have substantial gains, but, for MMOs that are established and generating large profits (like WoW is) it's actually a huge loss overall for the company and shareholders. So no, Blizzard won't go down this route.
Hey . Your money . You spend it how you want. I rather just keep paying as i go in 3 or 6 month blocks. I stopped the auto renewal sub thing back in MoP. I never know when I'll take a break from the game. I like the freedom of that.
Companies offer lifetime accounts when they need to raise a lot of cash very fast and can't borrow any more from the banks.

Blizzard has cash shooting out their hooha's, so there won't be any lifetime subs from them any time soon.
500 would be a fantastic deal, if it included ever Xpac as well ;O But i could see it happening in a way as a free to play, but not free sort of thing. They know full well that players invested in the game like that would still be paying for the other things, boosts, pets, and such.
More likely to not include Xpacs if they ever did something like that.
And not every player would go for it anyway, So it may be a good idea based on what they are seeing that we are not.
Or it could be a really bad one based on that.

But i suspect WoW to at least be around in some form for 5 years yet, So even without Xpac included. If its around that long and you play it, it would be worth it to a player over the time for some.
Man, you’re not looking to live much longer eh?

The good die young, shorty.
A lifetime sub would cost infinite money.[i][/i]
Some people did effectively get lifetime subs when the tokens first started and they were able to put years and years of game time on their accounts but blizzard didn't care for that so they put a limit.

This isn't likely to happen.
wheres this speech video?

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