Balance Talents

So, my hubby decided to join me in my journey in M+, he's a far better healer than I am, so I decided to swap to Balance.

I checked Icyveins and I'm still not sure which talents to take.

Warrior of Elune or Force of Nature (Currently using Force)
Incarnation or Starlord (Currently using Incarnation)
Fury of Elune or Shooting Stars (Currently using Fury)

I kind of look forward to communing with the stars once more.
Here are my personal opinions but I'm very casual super low rated IO if that matters to you.

I find I am changing my talents up weekly based on which affixes are up.

WoE is better DPS during traah pulls but FoN is better ST DPS. Simple choice on DPS is if trash needa to die faster or bosses need more DPS choose accordingly but an important factor on the choice is utility. If you go with a weaker tank or are doing super high keystone's FoN is almost always better for the teams speed and survival since every one minute you give the tank and healers a break. This takes a bit of communication and practice as sometimes you want to hold off for repositioning or other reasons but it's immensely helpful when used correctly. If you are doing lower level keys (like I do) I get more total DPS done with Natures balance because starting most pulls at 50 AP let's me somewhat do ok damage vs melee who can instantly cleave or do big bursts on demand.

Incarnation can be better than starlord on shorter fights and if used on CD is most likely higher damage overall. I personally save my 3 min CD for bosses or really bad pulls/clutch DPS checks so I get more mileage out of star Lord myself but it does require a bit of a change in how you play. (See icy veins about AP pooling etc with star lord)

Fury of elune is a godly (well for us it is, more AE burst centered specs do way more) AE damage when mobs are clumped and very competitive ST damage so it is often the go-to for m+ with almost any affixes. I will use shooting stars on tyrannical weeks as for me it simulates higher ST fps or when I feel lazy and don't want to have to think about the safe usage of fury.

Hope that helps I have had fun with balance in m+ our DPS is not the best but it's serviceable and our utility is amazing so I never have trouble getting groups (well at the lower keys I run 7-9s ATM)

Thank you!

And I'm not the best, I mostly do 6-7. My hubby does 10+ which is why I figured we'd be better off with him healing.

Thanks a lot =D
Always take force of nature it’s 10 seconds of no damage on the tank, and take incarn and fury of elune.
11/09/2018 05:27 AMPosted by Grìz
Always take force of nature it’s 10 seconds of no damage on the tank, and take incarn and fury of elune.

This, and dont overthink things. Balance is taken more for its utility than its dps. Make sure incarn is up for every boss (its incredible burst), but I've found the higher the keys go the more i can just pop incarn on cd and it will be up for almost every boss. This will take trial and error though to get the hang of timing for each dungeon. Another point is really learn each dungeon and what needs to be done where. This will help you and your team more than your spec.
And go resto affinity to help with heals in emergency, remove enrage on the tough mobs this week, azerite traits I find are really important for balance. I run 2 lunar shrapnel and archive of the titan in m+ and it makes me aoe really good. I clear mostly 9s and 10s.

Edit:of course i can't forget silence beam. I always call it out to make sure no one else wastes stuns or interrupts for the nice time of no casts
Treants is the cookie cutter pick useful for every affix at any key level, Incarn is best taken if you are pulling around your cooldowns and know when to use them otherwise SOTF or starlord will give you better average damage for the dungeon, FOE is also cookie cutter use it on cooldown, shooting stars may be better in specific dungeons when you can't pull big e.g bolstering affix.

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