BrM Vs. Mythic Fetid. (logs)

Hey guys, hoping I can get some info from some of you.

We're working on mythic Fetid and for this fight I'm in the OT role to take the Thrashes.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong because I'm getting brew starved pretty quickly while also feeling like my stagger is being pierced. What I'm thinking is maybe I'm just trying to clear my stagger too often and make it easier for heals...leading to me taking too much damage later.

For the monks who have tanked and killed fetid - how often are you clearing stagger? How do you manage your brews for this? what does your % of damage mitigated look like?

Purifying after every thrash isn't an option - at least not for very long. Basically I'm just looking for an assist and any info on how to best make this an easy fight for my healers. I know monks are a great tank for this, I'm just not sure I'm utilizing stagger and purify as well as I could be here.

Logs of our wipes if curious: (1st night of attempts)

Gear/talents are same as I was running.
So I've not done mythic, only heroic, so take this with a bit of a grain of salt.

I have off tanked and main tanked this boss (H), and in my experience we are better as the main tank because you cannot dodge thrash, it sucks but we would be OP as hell if we could. So as the off-tank you are already losing out on the entire Elusive Brawler Mastery mechanic which isn't ideal.

Now that said I noticed the other tank is a DH, and I am afraid I don't know enough about them, I assume they are dodge based as well (I could be wrong) so assuming that getting a block or parry tank is not an option and you have to stay as off tank, this is what advice I can give. I am looking at WoWAnalyzer and Wipefest to get my info from, so this could all just be worthless haha.

With your gear where it is I'm guessing your base stagger is around 62%, obviously 85% with the Ironskin brew up. Fetid is one of those odd fights where it may actually be better to not use Ironskin as much and save more brews for Purifying brew which it looks like you have done some of but this is up for debate. As you said you don't seem to be able to have enough brews for either.

I'm looking at the Timeline for the fight and you start out with Three ironskin brews to get the 21 seconds of Ironskin which is the traditional monk starter. Then one Purifying brew after you are hit with Thrash, then another iron skin. then Thrash, then another Purifying, then you get two thrashes in a row followed by another ironskin before you get off another Purifying brew. You may want to delay the later Ironskins and use Purifying instead,

This may not work in Mythic so again grain of salt, I personally try to save at least one brew for Purifying brew, even if it means dropping Ironskin for a hit. The moment you are hit with Thrash use the Purifying brew, if you do not have one ready use it as close as possible. When he's breathing or eating a pustule (Mythic strat may be different) you can use that time to store up more brew charges.

Also I can't see on the analyzer but make sure you are using your transcendence to teleport right back to the boss after getting knocked back so you can continue using those brew reducing abilities.

I know this cooldown is lame, but don't forget about Zen Meditation, it at least gives you the ability to significantly weaken at least one of the thrashes when you have no brews to use. (It still needs work it's a silly cooldown for most fights)

Regardless, you don't want to ever take a second thrash before you have had time to purify.

Talent/Gear options

You may want to consider using Eye of the tiger, It has better overall personal healing without using an additional cooldown.

For this fight, your mastery is way too high as well, you can't dodge so more mastery is not helping one bit. Brew monks best stat is Critical Strike, as it allows us to have a higher chance to be healed for 65% more health through our Passive. Your Mastery is getting the benefit of your Re origination Array (Vers when your weapon enchant procs) but Crit should be what you strive to have up there. Since stats are hard to focus on, you may want to consider Deadly Navigation instead on your weapon until you can get more crit for that healing. Vers is great as well don't get me wrong, but Crit can save your skin.

Possibly get some Crit enchants on those rings, and I hiiiiiighly suggest another weapon. I know getting weapons isn't easy, but the one from Mythic Tol Dagor (Or however it's spelled, the prison one) is one of the best and you can easily run Mythic+10 for it I'm guessing. The one from Temple of the Snakes is also good.

For Azerite Powers, it's harder for this fight because many of them benefit Mastery, I think you have taken the best options for this particular encounter, but in general fit to burst is not good at all.

If you become the main tank, ignore all I have put here about mastery because you will need that dodge, but Crit is still your best bet in every situation over all other stats. Also avoid haste, it doesn't help use nearly enough as it should.

That's all I got, I hope you and your guild take him down!
From what I gather you HAVE to be stingy with the Brews. You actually don't need to have ISB up 100% of the time, you just need to have it up when he thrashes you, so if you just trashed and your ISB fell, don't bother refreshing until just before he thrashes again. You'll also need to pretty much be in red stagger the entire fight. It's a healing intensive fight and most of the damage are going onto the tanks.

Tanking the thrashes is harder than tanking the actual boss since you can't dodge/parry it like you can the boss' attacks. I think you'll probably be better off tanking the boss and having a BDK take the thrashes.
If you’re tanking thrash stack Crit/vers use dampen harm 50% DR on two thrashes is nice as well since you’re purifying after most of the thrashes bob and weave loses value.. also think about rerolling traits and grabbing the two Azerite veins traits you can get. Also you seem to be keeping your energy too high. Can use quite a few more kegs smashes/TP’s which means more brew Gen and use eye of the tiger saves esentially two globals for tp/keg. (1sec god and pretty much 1 sec cast time on burst) other things like fort scrolls could help a little.. use zen med as well. And (out of your control) get a disc priest and use your healers cd’ externals. Iron bark, sac etc etc if Druid talents it bark is 45sec CD (can also call for bop’s I believe - could be wrong)
This is a log of my last kill

Some tips: when Fetid is casting breath, running around or doing something where they are not attacking - you can let ISB drop off. In fact, you may want to cast ISB as close to TT as possible in any case.

Use GotO smartly - try to have a few orbs ready after a knockback. Usually stagger will wear you down a bit during this time and as the healers have been knocked back, the burst self-healing works wonders.

Don't double stack ISB and fort brew, instead during fort brew go purify happy.
he use trash every 6 second (sometime a bit more if he breath/knock in between). ISB last 7 second.

use ISB right before he use terrible trash (maybe even empowered ISB if you feel like it), purify right after he use it a second time on you.

it does mean you won't have 100% uptime on ISB ( but you'll have it for every trash).

during the enraged phase:
dampen harm can cover 2 trash attack for 50% reduction each. zen med can cover another. fort brew cover 3? with black ox brew you can afford to double stagger pause + purify... and he should be dead after all of those (if not, time to ask for externals).

That being said, i've found tanking it on my DK is easier (just death strike after every strike)... and also kinda fun to get 25khps as tank.

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