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[Bronzebeard/Shandris] Category Five is recruiting!!!.... AGAIN
CATEGORY FIVE was founded at the start of Vanilla (holyshiz) by Bagatelle, MenaceKiz & Diremudflap. Although some of the original GMs (Kiz & Dire) have since retired, we are still running at full speed! We are currently 8/8 Normal Uldir, and 5/8 Heroic Uldir (getting closer... every... day...)

We are looking for QUALITY players & friends to join our casual runs & progression runs. Experience not required, as we can always teach someone how to raid... but we cannot teach someone how to be a decent person! we would like individuals who want a sense of community and are committed to becoming Cat5 allstars.

MONDAYS: 6 to 9 server, Normal full clear uldir, FLASK & FOOD PROVIDED.
THURSDAYS: 6 to 9 server, Progression heroic uldir. FLASK & FOOD PROVIDED.

Please get in touch with our officers if interested: Bagatelle - Bronzebeard, Mookey - Bronzebeard, Ilili- Bronzebeard, Tydarion - Bronzebeard
or message this account! :)
Hi there..

I used to raid hard mode back in wrath of lich king. I am returning to the game and looking for a place to raid along with mature ppl.
if you guys are in need of disc or holy priest, I am game. gear is on low side atm but I am working on it.

Moved to this guild after my old one disbanded. I've been having a great time here! It's nice to have a consistent raising schedule too.

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