Use your crystal ball: predict the state of World of Warcraft over the next decade

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At this rate who knows lol. If the devs can reverse the damage done in the last couple xpacs. Then retail WoW has a future. If not then WoW's future lies in nostgalia of reliving old xpacs. Also whatever mobile abomination Actizzard attaches the WoW name to.
As the number of players declines, the budget available for making new content also declines. This feeds back on itself. Eventually the game cannot be continued and will go into maintenance mode. Before that, they will likely start milking it via P2W schemes.

11/10/2018 12:35 PMPosted by Bigalsgaming
Some measure of transferred progress? Or fresh cut over?

I think it'd be a combination of this. Kind of like importing Mass Effect save files into mass effect 2, but more like a combined Legacy Achievement. Maybe imported transmogs or something and an alternative starting zone. "Having Survived the conflict that ended Azeroth, you and your companions step forward in search of a new home." type thing.

That'd be awesome, we should get some unique never again attainable cosmetics, mounts, a title, and whatever else new crap they have by then etc.
Predictions,for wow in the future,with technology changing at a high pace i see it being integrated with devices the will be set in movement so no longer being restricted to a mouse or touch pads where the human body would be use. I do believe wow would be the first to use this.

The game would see another jump virtual programming as well, this would be the new wow everyone would be waiting for.

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