Enchanting Question

My main money makers are Alch/Herb but recently picked up Enchanting. Is it worth the investment to level it up to max or is profitable by itself to just use it for disenchanting and the speed buff to herb gathering.

As of now my main has herb/Enchanting and my alt has Alchemy which I funnel all my herbs too.
Personally I would just use it for DE and you can likely save a few gold by buying the herbalism enchant off of the AH. But depending on your server economy and how much time you are willing to put into the profession, it could be profitable to level the profession, especially if you have access to the rank 3 patterns.

As for alchemy, it again varies by server. But keep in mind that the herbs you gather are not free, they have a value based on what you could sell them for on the AH. Often, you will be losing gold by converting the herbs into flasks and potions instead of just selling the herbs on the AH.

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