Last expansion you enjoyed.

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I really liked Legion a lot, but I’m enjoying BFA as well.

I like 5man content, and dungeons are hard again.

10/10 I love it.
Been playing since BC, and have been able to find ways to enjoy every expansion since, but, as a whole, MoP was the last truly enjoyable expansion in my opinion.

it had its dull moments, but my god the gameplay systems were so much better than the absolute trash we have now.
Legion by a mile. I don't know that they can top it although I wish we had fought the real baddy at the end.

By far the best wow I ever played.

To me:

Legion > BC > Wrath> MoP > Vanilla > BfA >WoD > Cataclysm

Legion was the best "new wow" BC was the best old wow. Wrath was the point in time when accessibility began to trump all. Wow was no longer a real story driven RPG and group based game after that. With that said it edges out MoP because so much of MoP was my love for ToT and Wrath had Ulduar, ICC, and Sarth which were all fun. That was also the last time I enjoyed PVP.

It had its issues such as CRZ (which I still hate to this very day), no flight while leveling (at the very least they needed a tome for alts like they had during Wrath) and 3 no flight zones, but class design was at its peak and it was actually a fun xpac overall. Fun has been lacking in WoD and beyond.

The Legion content that I've done so far (which does not include Argus) has been somewhat enjoyable, but it's also not current content and the class design was so terrible in Legion that I was unsubbed for 3/4 of the xpac. Classes being terrible can ruin an xpac.
Only one I havnt enjoyed was WoD. I quit about a month or
two in, and never came back until Legion.

My favorite however is Wrath.
MoP was the last legit expansion i had decent fun in.
Legion is by far my favorite expansion. I don't dislike BFA but we're like 4 months in out of a 24~ month stretch so I'm not about to hold it up to other expansions. At this point in WoD I was still "having fun". At this point in MoP I was completely burnt out on dailies and Mogushan Vaults. Things change.
I didn't play in MoP but I have enjoyed every expac I have played.

I joined my guild in TAQ, the people I play with makes the content more enjoyable than the content it's self
I liked everything about MOP except the rep grind. I liked all the expansions up until that point. Legion was OK but the pathfinder was stupid. I hate rep grinding.

Rep grinding for flight is like you getting a job in Chicago. But in order to drive there you have to make sure you go to all the areas and see all the sights then becoming best friends with all the neighborhoods. Until then you are only allowed to walk or ride public buses. You can drive pretty much everywhere else in the country but just not Chicago. So you can drive up to the city limits and park there and walk in.

Oh and then there is part two. You have to meet and become best friends with all the gang leaders and do some "favors" for the boss in little Italy.

ONLY then can you start driving again but not in little Italy or downtown. Sorry.
I fully enjoyed Legion.

Honestly, all expansions have awesome things.
my enjoyment died end of wrath until. WoD. been enjoying since casually.
Wrath. Best story line, even though all others are great. I still love WoLK best.
11/11/2018 10:42 AMPosted by Mëdicinal
What was the last expansion that you fully enjoyed? When did the level of fun you had in the game plummet?

Mists. Even the year-long drought of Siege had enough to keep me logging in consistantly.
WoTLK but honestly i enjoyed Legion quite a bit
Legion, was the last one I was dedicated to. Bfa I just log on occasionally to level an alt and farm gold for heirloom upgrades.
WoD I guess. Had fun PvPing with my surv hunter, glad war, and rogue. It was pretty easy to get some PvP gear to do mythic dungeons too.

Legion got kinda fun toward the end because I could finally play my alts.

Really had fun from start to finish though? Wrath probably. The other expansions were fun here and there, but not the entire time so I unsubbed for months at a time or left it on and just never logged in.
WotLK never stop playing/paying. MoP the 1st year but stopped.
Mists of Pandaria

i had some enjoyable moments in BFA, but Mists was the finest tome i'd had, plus most of my friends left at the beginning of WoD :(

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