LFR is too hard.

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Hello, although LFR is a cakewalk to most, it is not for the audience it is catering to.

A bit of background, I recently bought my great grandmother WoW, she is 90 years old and only has one hand. Her vision is very weak, and she is also deaf in one ear. But, the magical thing about WoW is that it's a game for everyone. After about a month (we used the free character boost to level her hunter to 110), she finally hit 120.

Upon entering LFR, she died to every fight in the part. The LFR group I was in called her gay, she started to cry and scream. I had to call the police. It's 2018, why is this allowed?

It is incredibly sad that old, and crippled gamers cannot see the full raid, and the story that goes with it. What's even the point of an easy mode if you can die to mechanics?
2/10 try harder
While the verbal harassment isn't appropriate under any circumstances, the group is well within their right to remove someone who isn't performing up to their (extremely low) expectations in the raid.

It doesn't need to be made easier, but abusive chat should be reported.

I believe that just about covers the bases, yeah?
Just take her to Warfront, problem solved.
Name checks out.
I love Sundays
11/11/2018 12:30 PMPosted by Assistance
2/10 try harder

IDK, the calling the police part makes it seem like he's trying too hard, 1/10 keep your trolling believable is the mantra.
This isn't even up to Sunday standards...
what are u talking about one night i got in on my !@#$ty warrior while i was laying in bed under the covers dragged the mouse under the blanket, held both mouse buttons to move and auto attacked the boss to be fair i did take every opportunity to actually do the off tanks job which he wasnt doing so i would taunt and die so the main tank could drop stacks but other then that i did nothing.

btw i think what ur looking for is to hand ur grandmother a unplugged mouse and keyboard and then turn on a youtube video of the raid.
11/11/2018 12:30 PMPosted by Assistance
2/10 try harder

i'd give him a 1/10. Bait is too obvious

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