HST & Recount?

I thought I'd try here before the UI forums.
Is there anyway to make HST show up under Healing Done in Recount? I can make it show up like it's a pet or something, but that doesn't incorporate it into my own effective healing. It's really been bothering me. If this isn't a possibility, does Skada or any other similar addon do what I'm looking for? TIA.
I'm guessing it's like this since it's a Totem and not an actual Spell or Ability? Or am I missing the point?
Get skada and it already does it.
Use Details, its more accurate than Recount and its what warcraft logs use
Figured that was going to be the answer. Thanks! I'll look into both of those. Hopefully one of them will embed in the right chat window in ElvUI.
I haven't used recount in forever, but its probably because it's technically more of a pet now, so there might be a setting that's excluding pets?

Details is still gonna be one of the better options overall.
Yeah, Details is doing exactly what I wanted Recount to do. Thanks again, y'all!
Forgot to switch forum posting toons.
Details sux cause the options are hard to get to as compared to recount,i rather use recount for a rough dps chart.
The totem does indeed count as a pet, so you would have to change the options in recount to combine pet and master together.. I think there was an option for that. Somewhere.

If that fails and you can't get them to smush together, perhaps a different addon like those suggested will be more to your taste.

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