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All transmogs have been removed from the game.


We decided it would be better if all characters looked the same, like the box art. This way no one stands out. You think you do, but you don't.
whenever you kill something that drops usable loot, you get to choose what you get from that thing's drop table, whether it be named, raids, quest mobs, anything that could drop something of value

We felt that the RNG sucked.
Character deaths become permanent outside of instances.
Reason: Immersion is important in our RPG! Also selling resurrection scrolls at only 4.99USD each, at a 50% discount!
When you inspect a character you also get a real time photo of them right at that instant.

I need to know who just whispered me to tell me how cute I am. And they should probably know I am 6’7 300 lb man.
Stealth paladins.
Add Flying

Because it is fun and will allow me to get more done in my playtime.

Add Dodge

Because avoiding an attack with an action is fun.
Flying can be earned by collecting 10,000,000g from the auction house.
Nothin. Blizzards already doing a great job of breaking the game.
A) Players can fly, like Superman.

Reasoning: We’re hero’s

B) Game is viewed top down ala Warcraft 1-3

Reasoning: It’s Warcraft!
Release an expansion called Battle for Azeroth.

Oh wait... nevermind.

For Diablo you could release a mobile version and neglect the PC fans.

Oh wait...
Flying is re-implemented, but all of the enemies can now fly.

You think you want this....
11/11/2018 07:45 PMPosted by Razorstorm
Make warlock's Seed of Corruption …

-an AoE reticle
-infinite range
-no GCD
-no mana cost
-castable while CC'd, silenced... even dead!

Reason: Don't you guys have phones?

(but seriously, this really happened on live for a few glorious hours)


Edit: forgot the "infinite range" part ;p

New concept for flying.

VR flying, you must equip flight simulator “wings” and flap them to maintain flight.
Remove diminishing returns from PvP.

Because Warlocks and Rogues should be the only viable classes.
11/12/2018 06:59 AMPosted by Talodar
Remove diminishing returns from PvP.

Isn’t that classic wow?
No deposit required for 1 stack at auction house, but 20% required for 20+ stack.
Complete inventory drop on death. Including equipped gear, bags, and gold.
No more classes, every spec of the game is now a talent tree available to every character.
Move your "Top Developers" to work on a cash grab mobile game that is in partnership to a 3rd party known for pumping out cash grabs on an EA level.

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