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You can now buy gold and then go and buy some of the best gear in the game.
Remove the global cooldown, cut the resources needed for abilities by 75% and put everyone in Tarren Mill / Darkshore.

Thing is, you insta-rez but you can't get out until everyone is dead on the opposing faction.

The first hour will be glorious but the next 50...not so much!
Pathfinder 2 requires 100 3-chest M+15 wins in each of the dungeons.
When you die you have to start from level 1 again.. You lose all of your gear and gold on that character.

Because it will increase player play time.
Blizzard should level squish the level cap to level 1
Wow will no longer run any outside programing. Wow will ONLY allow WoW to run and no other things will be available during game play. You will NOT be able to switch to the x-rated sight in the background.

We feel this will make stronger players, force people to actually use the chat feature and prevent random wipes in raids.
we should be able to import characters from other games

because blizzard can add the time-played metric from those games to wow
Every ability you use in combat consumes a reagent. To acquire reagents you must visit the Blizzard store and spend a token for a stack of 100.
11/11/2018 07:41 PMPosted by Grìmbles
Add everything to the GCD

That was literally part of their April Fools joke in 2006.

I mean, demon hunters kinda did that already with quadruple jump (jump, double jump, retreat, glide) letting them break out of the majority of instances.
i decide to no nothing.

it's breaking alright.
Flying is in the game. But now there a lots of mobs in the sky in dungeons that dismount you for the challenge...
11/11/2018 07:42 PMPosted by Dreadmoon
Permanent forum bans also means permanent game ban.

Your gonna have fun Tuesday then.

Let’s see...

Add everything to the GCD! Wait...already done.

Prune every unique mechanic and gut utility...shoot.

Shoehorn every spec into a ‘niche’ so you are forced to switch based on the encounter, while also putting in artifact gear that is almost impossible to target/loot meaningful ilvl that doesn’t switch between specs so you have to grind 3x as long...Hot damn, Blizzard.

Adding leveling past max leve - oh come on.

Ilvl world scaling. Removal of Honor/Conquest|Justice/Valor vendors. Removal of Tier, mass slowdown of leveling while offering no progression, nonsensical plot...son of a !@#$%.
Come up with a way to re-use the artifact power system. But instead of making it an item you can actually interact with, make it something static that has an effect on other pieces of gear. Like it unlocks abilities on separate pieces of gear as you gain more artifact power. But make the gear completely unrelated to the artifact piece.

Also, completely get rid of server identities by removing specific playset rules from the servers (I.E no more PvP/PvE servers.) Instead add an option that enables or disables world PvP which can be turned on or off. But keep sharding in so it limits the amount of people that can be in a zone at any given time. Because it would be far too much fun to have epic battles with massive armies that span entire continents in this new mode.

Oh wait...
GCD removed. All abilities now have cooldowns based on their damage. All spells instant cast.

Horde/Alliance removed. All factions/allegiances are now good/evil. All cities now react to classes based on good/evil alignment. Examples; all paladins are good, regardless of race, and welcomed in good cities (Ironforge, Stormwind, etc). All player characters can group up and do dungeons/raid regardless of affiliations. Example; a Blood Elf Paladin tank being healed by a Night Elf priest. Language, eg. orcish, guttertongue, common etc. removed. Everyone can communicate with everyone else.
Have all gear keep their transmog appearance while removing their normal appearance, forcing people to either transmog or raid while not wearing any armor. Why? Because I heard a few years ago that someone did a study (of WoW) and found that players that use transmog perform somewhere between 15 and 20% better then players who don't.

Unfortunately, I never thought to ask the guy who told me about the study where he found it. But with how the internet is today, I'm sure it's somewhere out there.

People have also been asking about things like 'hide bracers' for a while now.
Make it an actual Rpg.

Because customization is better that all weapons with the same dps.
Make all the female NPCs flat chested and dress them in armor that actually protects them.
"We a Blizz believe we made an error in nerfing the Gnome racial ability Escape Artist so in order to make up for this horrible mistake in handling the master race the following changes will be made for Gnomes" -

Escape Artist has a 20 second cool down and also self heals the Gnome by 10% of their max health.
Gnomes can now play Druids and their druid forms are amazing!
Gnomes will get a new Gnome only racial mount: Mini-tank that they can engage in ranged combat from (including flying).

OMG THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!! There would be thousands of little baby Gnomes running around...
Increase the gcd to 2 seconds. Watch the game implode.

11/12/2018 09:50 AMPosted by Stompypotato
Make all the female NPCs flat chested and dress them in armor that actually protects them.

So make them more attractive?

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