Suggestion: Heroic and Mythic Warfronts

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
In order to not segregate the community with 3 tiers of content, I propose Warfronts to be of Heroic difficulty as a baseline.

Heroic Warfronts: Captured nodes will be under constant assault. This would avoid players from spending too much time running around picking up wood and iron and turning the Warfront into the snoozefest we have now. If you don't defend your captured nodes, you lose them, fortifying the enemies position and pounding you into submission. You can actually lose a Warfront. I know, strange concept.

Mythic Warfront: Your captured nodes will be under constant assault from the enemy faction and mercenaries. These mercs will send assassins and infiltrate behind enemy lines. If they kill your commander, game over. Mercs and the enemy faction will use flanking tactics and attempt to assault strategic positions from multiple sides simultaneously.

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