Holy Paladins Need Attention Blizzard

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Please take a look at Holy Paladins, Blizzard!

The Mastery needs to be changed! The vast majority of Holy Paladins despise this punishing secondary stat! Revert to the WoD mastery for the time being or something. (% of healing creates an absorb shield on the target)

There are so many GREAT suggestions for Holy Paladin mastery ideas on the paladin forums. All these posts/ideas fall on deaf ears.

After the mastery is FIXED. Take a look at the boring gameplay! You've taken away our holy power, word of glory, holy radiance, GUTTED the aura of sacrifice talent, taken away the artifact ability, and GAVE US WHAT IN RETURN?

Azerite Armor? No, no, no... Playing a 120 Holy Paladin legit feels like you're still level 80 in terms of your rotation and abilities. I understand they wanted to make us simple, but simple does not mean boring. Bringing back holy power and word of glory alone would make the gameplay 1000x better than what it currently is.

Stop ignoring us Blizzard! We are unhappy! >=0

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