paladins started to one shoot me

what's going on? any suggestion against them?
When they burst, I have to vanish and wait to restart fight. Too much dps...
Sin rogues you don’t have much options other than to vanish and wait it out.

Outlaw, this would be the time we begin to kite
Ret is probably the most broken class in PvP right now, outside of DH. their damage, defensives, and heals are ridiculous. Best idea is what these guys said, when you see wings pop, Vanish. Save defensives such as Evasion for after wings because they are still going to put out a ton of damage after wings. When they bubble try to rest. If you can't, blind after bubble and then try to reset. If you still can't, pop burst and hope you still have your trinket and pray to the Gods you can kill them. they are just stupid.

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