Merge Opprotunity

My guild located on Zul'Jin is 2/8M with Orange/Purple parsing players we have 5-20% Attempts on Zek Voz. We are looking to bring players into OUR ranks or another guild with similar progression into our group.
If you are interested, or have questions Message me
Thurs: 7-11PST
Fri: 7-11PST

Possibility at a shift depending the group/offers
Ruined Immersion- Raiding, PvP, Mythic+ Dungeons, Social fun guild:

As a little bonus I will be giving away 100k gold for FREE each week to a random player during the raid. After the break halfway through the raid when asked to roll the dice the person who has the highest number between 1 and 100 will win the gold. If two or more people get the same highest number then they roll again. What's not to like about that? As incentive for just coming to the raid you have a chance to earn FREE gold and Epic Loot !!

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