After Sylvanas?

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If/when Sylvanas is deposed, who would take her place for Lore reasons? The obvious choice is Saurfang, but would the Horde support him if he is backed by Anduin? Baine is a true Hordey and has been since the days of his father, Cairne. Lor'Themar has shown loyalty to the Horde ever since his negotiations with the Alliance fell through; let's not forget Liadrin has really stepped up to the plate to lead from the front in recent expansions, most notably at Suramar and Argus. I don't even consider Gallywix, for obvious reasons; the troll leader is too new; and the allied race leaders are too fresh-face in the Horde to be considered. So, who's next?

Strong contender if he can get his act together.

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