Alliance get 30% xp buff

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As of 8.1, alliance is getting a 30% xp buf!

Thanks blizzard!!
sure, jan
That's too bad. Horde is getting 50%
Omg Haha forgot to say Warmode!
its them trying to get alliance players to engage in warmode again, a bit worthless if you are already cap level
Now all alliance fans will get to 120 and outnumber horde
what's going on now
Even if they get 100 percent , they will be crying on here about something .
11/14/2018 01:06 PMPosted by Edwaylin
Now all alliance fans will get to 120 and outnumber horde

lol that would require having more Alliance than Horde players :)
This is literally an incentive to provide more lowbies for Horde to slaughter in WM. LOL
where are people getting this information again
11/14/2018 01:08 PMPosted by Jagdtiger

Source: Humor.
It would just lead to bliz making more money off faction transfers for those using alliance to level then swapping to horde.
Honestly I bet that wouldn't even affect the imbalance unless they left that in for years.

Oh just read its warmode, yea this wont do much if anything, guess max levvel alliance players can get 30% more war resources from WQs for dealing with getting !@#$%^-*ed by the horde.
I doubt these incentives (if true) will change things much. If you enjoy WPvP you probably already have Warmode on. If you don't enjoy WPvP than I doubt much is going to sway you to take part in it for any length of time. Unless you're a brand new player I think most of us have made up our minds around PvP/WPvP a long time ago.
It's on the internet, without a source, it's gotta be true.
sweet, more ally who cant figure out how to press buttons to kill
Well, at least it seems like Blizzard is at least starting to understand that there could possibly be the presence of a theoretical problem with horde imbalance.

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