This server is dead

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
I want to play this character but can't justify it. The auction house is dead. Every city is dead.

I was in the org AH not long ago, during peak hours, and was alone.

I talk in city chat, no reply.

Trade chat is dead, not a single individual posting anything.

I post auctions (have been trying to sell items on this toon for almost a year, nothing sells ever) no way to make gold, questing for a few hours the other day netted me 400 gold.

The one and only option is to leave.

There's no guilds, no players,no community, dead auction house and there's no incentive to play here.

Literally in org during peak hours dead chat channels and you're hard pressed to see an actual other person.

Let me transfer I can't stay here and I should not and do not deserve to pay money after the literal thousands I've spent on this game.

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