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Can we please get a confirmation about if or if not Sylvanas was the one who planned the wrathgate attack or not? It contradicts chronicles. I am hoping this is a misunderstanding or just forgotten side of the lore because.... It entirely changes and ruins Sylvana's character ark before she kills herself in Icecrown and then dies again to Godfrey in cataclysm.

The problem is not if she knew about the blight or not. But that she ordered it instead of Putriss. It diminishes everything about that cinematic entirely and the intentions that lead ahead into sieging undercity. Nobody wins here imo. Let this lore be the past. It does not improve or move the story forward for BFA one bit imo.
this has been discussed recently.

i personally hope that is not sylvanas the one who ordered, i had enough of her and her flawless plans fooling everyone horde,alliance,characters and players alike.
I don't really think it ruins her character as much as the change itself is unnecessary. Like, unless they have a very specific reason why they want Sylvanas framing Varimathras for it, rather than Varimathras plotting against her. Which, I guess shines a new light on his dialogue in Antorus? I guess its pretty impressive that she beat a Dreadlord in a game of political maneuvering.
1. In WOW it was the Burning Legion
2. In Chronicles 3 it's vague, but says Syvanas was betrayed by Putress and Varimathras
3. Afrasabi seems to be saying Sylvanas was always more evil than the Burning Legion and in league with them

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