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I've heard something about M+ keys that sounds very unusual. How would I go about finding out if it's allowed or not? It has to do with deleting them.

Thank you in advance.
The way it should work, and did in Legion is if you delete your key you will not receive another one that week if you run another mythic.

I assume this is the way it is supposed to work now. I would also err on the side of caution in trying to manipulate the system. If it is not a clear game mechanic, even if you can do it does not mean it is right to do it. Is possibly being suspended or straight up banned worth it for a key that will be replaced in less than 3 days anyway?
That's what I wanted to know, so I thank you for that information. I googled to no avail, so thought I'd turn here instead. I will definitely be avoiding this behavior.
Delete key and receive a new on next mythic or mythic+ is intended.

From Wowhead, number 6 when I googled “delete m+ key”

Receiving a New Keystone
At some point, Blizzard make it so deleting your key no longer makes you lose your Keystone for the entire week but instantly makes it so you get a new Keystone at the end of your next Mythic+ or Mythic 0 dungeon. This also happens to be a great way to reroll your Keystone to a better dungeon, or a higher level under the right circumstances.

Here is how the system works now.
Deleting your Keystone will award you with a new Keystone at the end of your next Mythic 0 or Mythic+ dungeon.
The Dungeon will be randomly assigned.
The level of the Keystone will be either:
One level below the keystone received in the weekly cache of the current week if you're doing a Mythic 0 or a Keystone lower than your weekly cache;
One level lower than the current Keystone you just finished, if that Keystone is higher than the one from your weekly cache.
Keep in mind that the keystone from your weekly cache only decreases one level per week, so if you receive a +13 keystone during in week 1, then skip M+ for that week, then complete a +5 in week 2, the cache from Week 3 will give you a +11 keystone as you can only lose one level per week.

Got a 9 key that you don't want? Run a +11 Key, delete your Keystone mid run, and you'll be awarded with a +10 at the end of the run!

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