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Who misses this?
Not me!

Can't say I've ever been a fan of Vehicles in wow.
would have been more entertaining to have something akin to this than borefronts
I kinda do .
10/10/2018 04:43 PMPosted by Lathander
Not me!

Can't say I've ever been a fan of Vehicles in wow.

WG was more fun than WF right now tbh.
Not as much as I miss old AV. Would be cool to have a BG week where old AV NPC's were added again with beefed up power.... Ah the epic daylong games!
Wintergrasp was and will always be amazing to me.
WG and TB should be in with the epic bgs
was fun being a shockadin back then lol
I do. I miss bothering people trying to get to the raid. Or defending people doing the daily fishing quest... or seeing how long you could hold the main room after the other faction took it... or out numbering someone so bad you were getting near one shot... oh sweet memories...

It was also the first time I realized that for somewhere around 80 percent of the game population, something ceases to exsist once they can’t see it anymore.
Ooh! I loved Wintergrasp! Even a lot of my "I dun do no peh veh pehs" guildies liked it. I really wish so much they'd add something like it again, but so far no such luck!
I enjoyed it when it come out. It was a great expansion addition at the time and I would love to see WIntergrasp updated for today's game.
I loved wintergrasp... the battles were always so much more intense because if you lost you couldn't raid vault of archavon... easily the biggest thing I miss from any past expansion. I think the reason it was so unique is because alot of pve people would join the battles so they could immediately raid, something that hasn't really happened (as successfully) since

When they first showed warfronts I actually thought it was going to be something like this, giant open world pvp battles with vehicles and base building....... instead we got... "warfronts"
10/10/2018 04:42 PMPosted by Saralocks
Who misses this?

Add in catapults and oils and other siege and we are talking :)
I think WG was the last time I really participated in anything PVP oriented. I admit, I occasionally think back to jumping into WG and I miss it from time to time.
Me!!! Much better than Ashran imo and this warfront without actual PVP.....
My memories of Wintergrasp equate to being stuck in the graveyard with a sea of horde killing you as soon as you rezzed and tried to push out.

So pass.
During Cataclysm, WG was the best thing happening in wow.
I miss it. I managed to get all my achievements out of there before it went completely dead.

All these years gone by and they still never really add anything to pvp. WIntergrasp was both refreshing and awesome.

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