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10/17/2018 09:16 AMPosted by Elthunis
I hope not, Vulpera may be a furry race but at least there will be people playing for other reasons than just "I am smol, lol", gnomes are just a joke, no one picks gnome to play seriously with the character.

!! I am offended good sir!!
I won't play one myself but support this for you guys to enjoy of course!
They. Look. Stupid.
Out of all the Iconic Races of World of Warcraft that should have been made playable like the ones from Warcraft 2 and 3. Blizzard choose to create a random #$@pulled race that no one really asked for. Gnomes are kind of Dull and lame. To see another version of them being as Robots really shows that Blizzard has no creative talent at all in the Allied Race System and just create garbage races that doesn't feel like Warcraft or doesn't have any lore at all. MechaGnomes are just like the Void Elves. Unlike with MechGnomes, The Void Elves atleast have some good things in terms of being Blue Blood Elves as Warcraft 3 Blood Elves for the most part.

Only reason why Horde Players want them on the Alliance is to spite the Alliance Players for having two crappy Allied Races and just Abandon them. Its also probably the main reason why the Alliance side for Allied Races sucks. Only Two Good Ones, While other 3 well one of them was Meh, and other two were just @#$pulled races. While the Horde gets everything that they asked for.
Mecha gnome hype!
I don't have an issue with the junker gnomes becoming an allied race. I just don't see junker gnomes as being incredibly popular as gnomes are one of the least played races. I also hope that they give us the races the majority have expressed interest in.
As long as we can choose either the junker skin or the clean new looking ones, I'll be happy. If they can only be the rusted ones, that will be a huge letdown.
Biggest improvement the Mechagnomes need is bigger arms/legs.

Right now, their mechanical arms and legs look like mechanical bones if the flesh was stripped rather than augmentations.


Increase arm/leg size by ~25%, it's a good start.

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