You Go To Sleep and Suddenly...!

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10/19/2018 09:17 AMPosted by Alrich
tell my wife to go back to sleep

I heat up the barbeque and get the hot sauce. Daddy is getting wings for dinner.

And they say there's no cure for harpies.
10/19/2018 09:10 AMPosted by Mortis
There's a Harpy on your bed yelling "FLESH AND BONE TO EARTH AND STONE!"

What do you do?

Nothing, because my dog would take care of it for me.
boop her on the head and mumble "just 5 more minutes", then go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep and let my cat deal with it
Grab her by the throat and slam her face onto the ground several times, yelling, "SHUT UP!!! I'm trying to sleep!"

No, seriously. If someone stirs me up while I'm trying to sleep, I get super grouchy. And if some mythical creature was screaming at me while I'm in bed, how the hell am I gonna explain that to my boss if I'm late tomorrow? Think about it.
if it this kind of harpy. then its on like donkey Kong.
monster girl harpy. sorry you ahve to look up
10/19/2018 09:10 AMPosted by Mortis
What do you do?

Toss her in the shower to clean her up then turn flesh to stone and put her in a much better mood.
Mind control her into the fire pit and thank her for delivering my dinner.
Tell her to shut up. People are trying to sleep here...
Get really angry that there is a shrill sounding female creature disturbing me.
It's Monday already?

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