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It seems most of the community agrees BFA is not a very good expansion. I wanted to get your guys opinion. If you could only pick one thing to change in order to save BFA for you what would it be?

Me personally I would get rid of scaling. If this happened I would enjoy leveling alts more and would start raiding and doing mythic + again
I'd remove w/t forging with random sockets and tertiary stats. The only thing random about loot should be whether it drops or not.
Get rid of gear score/ilvl altogether.
Scrap and rewrite the entire storyline.
Repeatable Warfront Epics
10/21/2018 04:25 AMPosted by Ricecream
Get rid of gear score/ilvl altogether.


Change class design
way too much needs to change.

if it had to be absolutely only one thing, i would put the kibosh on RNG
I would bring back the mage tower challenge

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