Question: Where do Night Elves go...

Moon Guard Role-play these days?

I have the itch and I must scratch it.
10/23/2018 08:00 PMPosted by Liodred Role-play these days?

I have the itch and I must scratch it.

Same place as every other race. Generally Stormwind.
Stormwind is my city
The bar.

Where else can we drown our sorrows over how horrific BfA is for us?
I'm IC 100% of the time*! Basically if you see me and want to RP, just spark it up and I'll go right along. I saw a bunch of us in Feathermoon Stronghold the other night as well.

*I'm not IC in dungeons, raids, or BGs. :D
Gilneas with our worgen allies. Helping them drive the Banshee Queen’s minions from their lands once and for all can both serve as a rallying point for the kal’dorei people, as well as be the first step in the war that will eradicate all undead from the face of Azeroth.
Have you tried the other trees that haven’t burned down yet?
Feathermoon Stronghold is an awesome location for RP. I wish I would see more people out there when I'm on my Night Elves.
Your mom’s house.
What about Hyjal? Under the actual world tree. Unless there's phasing issues, I feel like Hyjal should/would be a solid staging point for retaking darkshore and ashenvale. Strategically speaking. Plus it used to be their home anyway.
They went... *sunglasses* up in smoke.

I'll see myself out.
Oh totally you can go to....

Well there's still....

At least the Horde hasn't...

I mean... the Shadowlands isn't a bad place I heard.
10/25/2018 10:52 AMPosted by Tandiselle
Your mom’s house.

At least I'm not twelve, I'm thirteen!
There's always timewarped Darnassus.

Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas is also awesome. If there was a more convenient way to get there for everyone else but Legion+ level druids, it'd probably see more use.

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