377 mage lf guild

Area 52
377 mage lf guild. I am available every day except Monday and Tuesday. Current mythic progression is 3/8 with a number attempts on Vectis.

Btag Nexonius#1472
Fun group that needs to fill a couple of open positions for our BFA roster. Semi-hardcore, looking to clear heroic quickly and march on to mythic. Trying to achieve Cutting Edge, but not kill ourselves in the process. Mythic+'s ran frequently. Laid back chill environment where it's like an extended family.

**Raid Times**: Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 Eastern Time

**What we are recruiting**:

* All classes considered that can play their class well. In need of two dps (prefer ranged) and a healer (resto sham/druid). High preference for a hybrid.

**What do we expect?**

* Show up on time
* Flask & food ready
* VoIP (We use discord)
* Know your class and spec/enchanted & gemmed accordingly
* Know the fights & don't stand in fire!

**Have any questions?** Feel free to contact me on here, or send us a message on BattleNet

* Icess#1146
* MilkWhale#1301
* Jmample#1295
* Vicksterface#1125
* Allegry#1727

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