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In 2019 the series is FINALLY getting a hardcover deluxe edition (3-in-1's with 7"x10" page size) that will each probably be around 700~ pages. They are listed at $50 USD MSRP, but several sites already have the first and second books pre-orders marked down by $10 and $5.

Not a lot is known about any bonus content. Will we get individual volume covers as page art inside? I do really like all the cover art we've seen over the years. Will there be any translation and typo fixes from the single volumes (minor as they may be) or is this a copy/paste job?

I'm cautiously excited, but wary of the quality of the books.
I saw these the other i'm kinda torn between buying these new hardcovers or just the paperbacks. I don't own any atm and begin a big fan for a long time i want to get my hand on some.

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