Warrior/Hunter/Boomy/MM Monk/Rogue LFG

Hello all,

Friends and I are looking for a semi-hard core raiding guild for mythic raiding.

Arms Warrior iLvl 368/OS Prot.
BM Hunter iLvl 375/OS Surv.
MM Monk iLvl 365.
Bal Druid iLvl 367/OS Resto.
Outlaw/Assassination Rogue iLvl 368.

Raid times:
Looking for anything between 07:30PM - 01:00, days are flexible.

We are looking for a guild that will progress, main reason we're looking to leave our current guild is due to lack of progression due to some members stepping on fire too much. Some of us have achieved AOTC. Thanks in advance for taking sometime to read our post.

Bnet tag Charlie#13641


<LökTar> [H] on Hyjal is currently recruiting. We're looking for 6 DPS(Spriest, DK, Mage, Warrior specifically with a couple of spots for others) and 1 healer (Druid or Monk). Currently 7/8 H and 8/8N. We do our best to keep the guild drama free, so we do value personality as well as skill. Our raid times are Tue & Wed 7pm-10pm pst We are not a hardcore raiding guild however we are looking for raiders to put their best foot forward as we value everyone's time. If you're interested please fill out an Application at https://form.jotform.com/LoktarHyjal/loktars-application or feel free to contact an officer Rasi#1419 (Doubltap GM) or Amuyaa#1723 (Amuyaa Co-GM).

Raid awareness, can follow directions, 360ilvl, and drama free.

Hey! <Umbra> 8/8N 7/8H is recruiting DPS. We raid Fri/Sat 8-11pm Pacific and we do lots of Mythic + in our free time. Let me know if you're interested; you can add me at Hotbed#1974

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