Sub out in 2hours last wish for Shadow Priest

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Yeah, another Shadow thread. But I don't care, because Shadow Priest is my favorite spec in the game, has been for many years.

My sub runs out in two hours, will not be renewing for the first time in over a decade.

3 simple changes would make me re-subscribe and stick it out.

Fix the Voidbolt/Mindblast cooldown overlap.

Make Shadow Word: Death baseline, like it has been ever since I started playing. I would love so much to know who made the decision to make it a talent, and what their reasoning was.

Give Mind Blast two charges baseline, replace that talent with Mania or something.
(Blizzard, you did this exact same thing to Fury Warriors with 2 Raging Blow charges)
Those three things I listed I think almost every Shadow Priest would agree with, and they are already in the game, so no major next expansion overhaul is needed.

If nothing else Blizzard, those few things will be good enough for my favorite class, and allow me to stick it out longer in hopes over more changes down the line. I'l be checking back every few days in hope that Shadow Priests get the fixes and attention they deserve, decent start so far, but it's not enough.

For all the other Shadow Priests that are sticking it out and still posting here, good luck, and keep fighting for the old gods!

I don't log in often but I did for this. You are pretty much on the mark. Removing 'Shadow Word Death' as baseline was like having somebody spit in my face and I'm not supposed to do anything about it.

Some of the changes seem insane and counterproductive. Why oh why Blizz!? WTH...

Shadow Word Death is iconic to Shadow Priests. Removing that alone was a really bad idea. Whoever decided to do this may have been bored or even maybe forced to do so but I don't think you have any idea the resentment you so casually caused.
Yeah, I'm sticking around to see if they make any more changes by the time 8.1 rolls around and if not, I'm out too. I'll come back if I hear they've done major work on spriest but barring that I'm probably sitting this out until the end of the expansion
I swapped to hunter for this tier (first time since 2.0), but I love spriest. If nothing is improved in 8.1 I may just quit too, hunter isn't keeping me interested the way Shadow always has.
Death to Voidform! For the Glory of the Old Gods!
I'm in the same place. I have been really bored with BFA and the fact that classes have no progression and shadow plays like a pile of hot garbage. My sub is up in a week and I won't be coming back unless I see that Blizzard starts fixing classes to make them actually fun to play again.
Sad thing is your 3 required changes would be accomplished in just the second two, but I doubt either of those extremely easy fixes will happen any time soon

I feel your pain bro, I left a question on the blizzcon q and a asking for the EXACT same two changes

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