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A cute kitten is hugging your wrist and using your hand as a pillow. The kitten is fast asleep and purring. Now you can play with one hand but you need the other hand to move your char out of the fire.

What do you do?
Toss it away, I didn’ invite no feral Druid to this raid.
I place the cat on my lap.

I play an ele sham, I continue to farm herbs on the bench with my free hand.
My mid raid and what?

Kittens are adorable. Also small, and movable. Even my fully grown cat only weighs 12 lbs, I'd move the lovely ball of floof.
Ahh, the curse of Mr. Bigglesworth
my cat does this every day. he sometimes will even lay on the keyboard. at that point i just give up playing and pay him attention. he usually only wants a few pets before he wants to be left alone

he wants pets until he realizes he didnt really want pets
I put that baby in my lap so he can enjoy lap time!

Kittens get pretty sleepy so you can just pick them up and place them else where, they just fall back asleep.

My cat sleeps in my lap sometimes when I play. Or he will sit on the couch next to my SO. He's a good bebe and just wants to sit with us most of the time. Sometimes I put a chair next to me so he can sit like a person and be part of the group.
10/29/2018 12:11 PMPosted by Eggman
Toss it away, I didn’ invite no feral Druid to this raid.


These are the times where I subtly try and make my movements on my mouse hand ever larger and hope that eventually my kitty decides to leave on his own. That way I don’t feel guilty about kicking him out.

If he doesn’t move I ask for a brez. :3
Nothing, because for some reason my dog wont let my cat get near me when I'm sitting at the computer.

Any other time he doesn't care. Weird, but it kind of works for me.
I could probably hit aspect and run with my mouse on a hunter or blink/void elf teleport with that one hand and escape the fire. Don't have a kitten but I've had once my draenor dungeon queue popped on my mage and was running iron docks while quickly finishing a sandwich. If it's trash the dps drop doesn't matter much. If it's on a boss, kitten may need to relocate to said lap.
This is like the cutest thread I've seen in awhile. :3

I'd just try to keep playing without disturbing the precious ball of fluff too much. I don't want to burn, but it's just so rude to disturb a sleeping cat!
My cat is 16 years old, partially blind, and only hangs out on her couch or on freshly dried laundry - pretty sure it won't happen. If it does, though, I'd definitely just die to the fire.
Come to think of it; it would be nestled on some fabric. Especially if I had left it out on the floor to cut a pattern. Last cat had a preference for couches and beds (&laps).
Wonder how in the name of fel a cat got into my house? And why my dog hasn't eaten it yet!
<prays for heals thru the fire>
Keep playing, since I have all my main actions bound to the 12-key pad on my mouse.
Figure out where I'm going to hide it from my allergic husband.
Well, mine aren't kittens, but I sigh, die in the fire and wait for the other two to show up. Then move them all at the same time. I love my kitties, but there isn't enough desk space for all of them.

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