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Give. Them. To. Shamans. I. Need. My. Troll. Shadow. Hunter
11/08/2018 05:23 PMPosted by Jamalia
No, no, and NO. Warglaives are the most unrealistic weapon in game, in any universe. There is a reason there are NO real weapons like them - it doesn't work.

The last thing I want to see is everyone running around with them. Keep it restricted.

That is beside the point, which is that they exist in the universe and are shown to be used by common kaldorei soldiers since vanilla. That demon hunters also use them, and use them in a unique way (i.e. enhance them with fel energy) is not grounds to prevent everyone else from using them. It would be a bit like restricting everyone else from using 2h swords because death knights also use 2h swords, but in a unique way (i.e. runeforging).

11/08/2018 05:12 PMPosted by Tyriellais
Keep warglaives as DH only.

But add in weapons like the Sentinel glaive as Thrown Weapons, and bring that category back. Add in a ranged DPS spec for Warriors, Rogues, and DHs. Maybe make it available for Hunters. This will open up more options for these classes and fulfill the class fantasy for Spellbreakers and Sentinels.

That seems a way more convoluted way of doing it. Sorry, but I can't agree. Not that I wouldn't like to see that equipment slot make a return, but in this particular instance I don't feel it's an adequate solution.

11/08/2018 09:31 PMPosted by Momonohime
The Azzinoth appearance should at least be added to the 1h-sword tab. Since you know, they were originally swords? And Warriors, Rogues, and Monks could use them long before playable Demon Hunters even existed.

Yes, people seem to forget that warglaives were 1h swords before Legion.
I feel like most of the people against this aren't familiar with the lore behind the warglaive weapon, or just don't want DHs to lose something unique. Or else totally fail to recognize the merit of the argument that if the lore supports Thing, it should be in the game.

Need I remind everyone that Death Knights do not have a unique weapon only they can use? Their signature weapons are 2h swords, and wouldn't you know it, more than they can use 2h swords. Nor are future hero classes likely to. If anything, if there is ever such a thing as a dark ranger hero class, and one of their specs is a shadow hunter/ night warrior sort of deal, that's quite likely to get access to warglaives as well. Night warrior Tyrande? Warglaive user. Vol'jin? Warglaive user.

If the lore supported warglaives being unique to DHs, i.e. if Illidan had literally invented the weapon himself and taught the unique fighting style he also invented to his followers, yes, I would be in support of the restriction. Such is not the case, however. It made sense in legion with all the illidari fel glaives, but no longer does as more non-illidari glaives are added. The darkshore warfront sentinel glaive only one thematically unconnected class is able to use being just the most recent example, with others menacing on the horizon.

Best to nip this thing in the bud in a simple, clean, future-proof way sooner rather than later, I reckon.
Just get over your anger of a class having a flavor wep. I mean FFS so you don't get to mog a circular style three bladed weapon, you haven't had it for 13ish years, why complain now? Warglaives have been announced to ONLY be a DH thing for good reason, you poor nondemonic individuals cannot handle them. You'll hurt yourselves and expect a healer to heal yah
And the level cap has been announced to be 120. Does anyone seriously believe it will stay 120 forever? Of course not. It made sense to restrict them to demon hunters in Legion. Legion is now behind us, and the restriction makes increasingly less sense with every new patch.

Again, use your imagination and common sense.
Can't Night Elves be Demon Hunters?
11/08/2018 05:26 PMPosted by Tyriellais
No, the least realistic weapon in the game are wands.

From what we can see, basic physics in the WOW universe are similar to RL. Magic is what is different, it's what wands use- and Demon Hunters...

You play a class that uses magic, yet you complain an item that does so is "unrealistic"? Funny.
On this character I don't really care about what weapons look like. Most of the time I run around as an obese owl and my weapon randomly disappears.
I think death knights, demonhunters, warriors, rogues, paladin and survival hunters should have the ability to weild glaives but it's not necessary.
11/08/2018 03:32 PMPosted by Forums
11/08/2018 01:04 PMPosted by Sterly
I just saw the Darkshore warfront warglaive model myself. A regular, fairly common Kaldorei weapon, not fel-tainted or anything, oh but it's restricted to demon hunters. Flippin' WHAT?? Have you lost your minds?
Hi. Welcome to 2015. My name is Forums. What's yours?

This isn't a "new" restriction. It's been common knowledge since Legion was announced at Gamescom that year. Warglaives are restricted to Demon Hunters. Period.

11/08/2018 03:03 PMPosted by Sterly
Please also recall that once upon a time hunters couldn't use staves, and druids couldn't use polearms.
No, you don't recall a time when Hunters could not use Staves because they've been able to since VANILLA. Ever heard of Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers? https://www.wowhead.com/item=18715/lokdelar-stave-of-the-ancient-keepers

Druids were given access to polearms in Wrath because they pretty much only had one weapon in Naxxramas before versus hunters having Polearm, the same Staff, etc.

And your analogy does not fit. There are plenty of 1H maces, 1H axes, and 1H Swords. Not to mention fist weapons and daggers to the classes that can use them too.

Warglaives which predate Legion were classified as swords. I have a few of these that were used by my rogues.

Check out these cool new demon hunter NPCs from 8.1 Darkshore. Amazing. Apparently demon hunters will be able to use shields.
it's tied to dh's because of class fantasy, which was the theme of legion that blizzard will carry forward. so the xmog will stay restricted to dh's. :P

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