<Criminal Instinct> 8/8H LF RDPS/HEALS

Guild Recruitment
<Criminal Instinct> [A] is currently 8/8H with our eyes set on clearing Mythic Uldir while restructuring for 8.1. We are looking for strong Ranged DPS and Healers for mythic raiding. We are a 2 night guild and our raid nights are Tues/Sun from 7-10 Server Time on Korgath-US.

We raid 2 nights a week but have the drive to see all Mythic content in BFA and still have time for real life to spare. We recognize our hours are short and thus raid efficiently and don't waste any time. When not in the current raid content you can find us running M+ to our hearts content and !@#$ talking each other in discord.

Currently Recruiting:
All Competent RDPS
All Competent Healers
Exceptional talent will be considered regardless of class.

Current Progress:
8/8N Uldir
8/8H Uldir
Looking to progress further into Mythic Uldir and start prepping for 8.1 after BlizzCon!

Important Takeaways:
Guild: Criminal Instinct
Server: Korgath-US
Faction: Alliance
Voice: Discord
Raid Times: Tuesday, Sunday 7pm-10pm Server Time

Come to raid with Flasks and Potions and runes if you're so inclined. We have guild alchemists and plenty of herbs to supplement if needed, and we always supply food. Come 15 minutes early to raid because we start pulling early most nights. Be prepped and understand the fights you're going into.

You should be able to parse in 60-75 percentile minimum on a regular basis if not better, but more importantly we want you to have a passion for improvement. We expect some form of logs to be provided for us to look at when expressing interest. You should be on top of current class theory crafting and updates.

We want to interact with you outside raid, we're not just recruiting for a slot in the raid roster, we want members who can be available to enjoy the rest of the content with us too - which means we expect you to be around completing world quests and doing M+ to gear outside of raid.

Message myself in game or through battle tag. If you prefer to chat in voice we can send over our discord info.

Valkaya - Lawson#1432
Day bump! Still looking for love.

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