Afflock vs sp

Hi guys.

I want to level a Shadow Caster void elf and I am stuck between Shadow priest and affliction warlock. I would like to listen your opinions. Which class is/has better:

3. Fun (engaging rotation, look and feel)
Please consider the changes that both classes Will receive in 8.1.

Thanks :)
Probably best if you try each class yourself. Everyone has different opinions.
11/03/2018 02:27 PMPosted by Razazam
Probably best if you try each class yourself. Everyone has different opinions.

What Is your opinion? :)
I personally hate managing pets, plus shadowform!

But to each their own, what some find fun others may not.

Subjective, I like it
Literally the worst mobility in the game
Most priest mogs are mediocre for shadow's theme
I enjoy the theme, it's like true "darkness". While locks are like demons and fire and afflic is WoW "evil". Shadow looks great too, especially in void form.

8.1 isn't a big deal it will make the class as it is now slightly more fluid mechanically
PvE - Lock. Near the top at single target, better at cleave, though both are kind of weak at aoe. Both have too much ramp up with too little payoff.

PvP - both are crap in open world pvp, DoA vs melee. Shadow is good at certain 3v3 comps, but is getting edge of insanity nerfed. Both need teammates to peel if they want to do anything.

Fun - even. Its fun to top meters, and shadow is fun when you dont have to move. But youll have a much harder time getting groups as shadow either raids or m+ as you dont offer anything special. Lock has high ST, plus soulstone, healthstones, and summons. Shadow has mass dispel on zul. Ya.

Mobile - both suck.

Mogs - lock by a mile. Plus shadowform and voidform cover good mogs up anyway.

Fantasy - lock ny a mile. They fooled shadow with void magic and old gods. That was meant for void elves.
yes aff lock is doing better in pretty much all categories, but the trade off is aff's rotation is so incredibly boring. Shadow's rotation is much more fun and can actually be super engaging if you get into the voidform mechanic
Warlock is much more fun in a lot of aspects. It currently is doing well, but occasionally doesn't have a viable spec. Priest can always either heal, dps, or disc.
1. Warlock wins
2. I don't PvP
3. Warlock. Leveling can also be more fun
4. Warlock
5. Warlock
6. Warlock
Affliction is miles ahead of Shadow in terms of numbers, utility, and QOL.

Unless you want to play "insanity" in your real life psychology, go Afflock.

You're welcome.
"It is entirely justified to blame Blizzard when a class gets the reputation for being bad, and they want to address these bad reputations. However, community perspective is often increased when players of a class constantly speak negatively of themselves."

Right now Shadow has a rep of being bad while Affliction has a rep of being good(PvE wise). If you want to have an easier time getting into raids/mythic+ your best bet is Affliction
1. PVE: ST dmg - Aff lock, 2T dmg - Destrolock, AOE burst- Demolock > SP. AOE sustained - SP. World Content - All are fine, but lock can blueberry tank.
2. PVP: SP is tankier with Edge but will be nerfed, at the same time the dmg will be better in PVP with 8.1 buffs. Lock survivability will be supposedly better in 8.1 with armor.
3. FUN: subjective, but Demo lock is just so good to play, just needs tuning.
4. MOBILITY: neither, but locks have utility tools for mobility in Gate (mandatory for Ghuun) and DemoCircle for sick plays. SP = Lock for movement speed in Body and Soul = Burning Rush.
5. MOGs: Both are great. I like S2 and T20(6) for priest. and Lock has so many from Corrupted, Malefic, Black Harvester, Tyrannical Glad. You can cross mog with Cloth anyway.
For SP I wear T20, for Disc T20(white), for Holy T5 Avatar
For Aff I wear Black Harvester, Demo I wear Tyrannical Glad, and Destro I wear T1 + T3 offcolors.
6. FANTASY: Lock is consistent. SP has identity issues despite Blizz trying to half-fledge commit to the void.

I play SP and lock. SP out of loyalty, lock for just how complete it is.
1. Lock for sure atm, probably will still be lock after 8.1
2. Spriest
3. Personally I find Demo and Destro a lot of fun, aff is kinda meh but puts up crazy numbers. I play spriest out of loyalty to the spec and it’s my favorite thematically
4. Lock - better utility for raids too
5. Gotta go with priest. I find the lock mogs corny
6. This one is very subjective but lock has a way more stable fantasy identity with the forbidden demonic pact summoner angle...shadow is a little more up in the air teetering between Cult of the Forgotten Shadow/Old God Worshipper (I personally like pretending I’ve been chosen by the Void Lords/N’Zoth/the Black Empire)
1. Lock
2. Lock
3. Lock
4. Lock
5. Lock
6. Spriest
11/04/2018 06:36 PMPosted by Ryngz
1. Lock
2. Lock
3. Lock
4. Lock
5. Lock
6. Spriest

Should read:

1. Lock
2. Lock
3. Lock
4. Lock
5. Lock
6. Noose - You'll want to use one after your experience playing this rendition of the spriest.
1.Pve - Aff warlock is overall better and easier to play
2.Pvp - Not sure, I don't pvp
3. Fun (engaging rotation, look and feel) - I find shadow priest to be more fun to play and has more appealing animations, plus a very engaging, interesting rotation.
4.Mobile - Neither class is very mobile at the moment
5.Mogs - They both have cool mogs
6.Fantasy - I personally like shadow priest fantasy better, but that's completely personal preference.

Overall I'd say aff warlock is better at what it does, but shadow priest is more fun to play. Personally I always choose the class that's the most fun to me, not the one that's the "best", so I play a shadow priest.
If we didn't have this new !@#$ty shadowform, I'd say shadow priest always...but some dev at Blizz gives, er <makes really good cookies> so their pet agenda to ruin shadow priest aesthetics will continue unimpeded.
I know exactly where you are coming from. I started with a shadow priest then fell in love with lock when i realized you could fear on command and fear wouldn't break with a single tick of a DoT. That of course was a while ago. I enjoyed Warlock for a long while and neglected my priest. Mainly because lock had 3 damage specs and priest only had 1. And if that 1 wasn't very good, then it wasn't fun to play. I absolutely hated spriest in legion, but i realize i may be a minority. Anyway, i've decided to pick up the priest again in BFA and am loving it so far. Mainly because of the tankiness and survivability we have which appears to continue into 8.1.

1.Pve - I don't raid or push for high M+ dungeons. Numbers are numbers. I think this would be tied more into point 3, if the rotation is fun and engaging. As for world quests and mobs out in the world in general, i like priest, but lock is equally as good and tanky with a pet, if you like managing a pet. I would say a tie for this one.
2.Pvp - Right now spriest due to defensives, though i admit i haven't played either at 120 yet. I have 2 120's and have played against both aff locks and spriests and byfar spriests are harder to take down. Aff has no mobility and is lacking in defensives. Drain life isn't healing like it was and aside from a 3 min CD, not much is preventing damage. Not to mention if you get hit with the melee pain train, even if it's just 1 melee, you are basically useless. With Spriest you have scream, horror, endless shields and a channeled slow. If you talent into some defensives you are looking at 30% damage reduction if you are at max insanity (10% from shadowform). You'll notice the difference.
3.Fun (engaging rotation, look and feel) - i find spriest more fun and engaging. I personally took misery to have both dots apply at once. I don't care much for the playstyle lock currently has where you have to constantly keep refreshing dots. By the time you get a few UA's on the target, something is about to fall off and you have no time for fillers. Priest plays a bit more straight forward in that you cast VT to get VT and SWP on your target, then you are free to mind blast, mind flay if at a safe distance for interrupts, cc with horror or scream, shield, etc. Plus this allows you to spread your dots a bit easier than say affliction which was always afflictions bread and butter. Once you get everything spread, you can forego your defensives and pop into void form which is only getting an improvement to defensives in 8.1. Right now, with the build i have, its not part of a rotation, but rather i treat it as a mini-cooldown to time correctly and use when optimal.
4.Mobile - spriest, all day
5.Mogs - depends on race, but i like lock better. Can get a sweet grim reaper look.
6.Fantasy - lock has this one in my opinion. I don't care for the void feel, but then again if you are going void elf, spriest might be for you, except if you decide to go holy.
My horde main is a warlock. I would honestly say the warlock is a little better in PVE but I find the rotation pretty boring once you have it down. It is nice to be able to play 3 DPS specs. Shadow has some decisions that make it a bit more exciting but feels clunky. Warlock is significantly better in high end mythic+ because they bring a ton of utility that shadow does not.

PVP I think warlock is a little stronger, but having the ability to play a healer is nice in PVP. Disc is very strong until 8.1.

Class fantasy for warlock is stronger to be honest.

Summary: if you have any desire to play a healer or to change things up, play priest. If you only play DPS roll a warlock for many more options.

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