Stop FP camping

War Mode and World PvP
And here I thought, WM was for WPvPing, and solely for those that enjoy that aspect of the game. FP camping has always been in the game, that isn't new. I remember when the ports in Argus were being camped for hours on end by both horde and alliance. If you are flagging up for the 'bonus' then you are WMing wrong lol. And you will get disappointed because the bonus isn't worth it, if you don't wanna engage in pvp.
I remember the first time I saw crossroads getting ally camped. It was awesome.. Specially when the counter raid showed up.
No. FP camping is the best thing ever. The reason why is because when you are camping FPs it is the most fun ever.
Even before shards people camped the duck out of FP, my server was ruthless for it, people saying its a new thing are showing how little they wpvp.
yeah, that off option for warmode

stop crying
Hmm, look at all these Horde telling Ally to turn off warmode. then we have whole threads of people complaining that too many Ally have warmode off.

Heaven forbid we actually try and improve Warmode. Nope the answer from the peanut gallery is always - turn warmode off. Don't bother replying to these conversations or in world chat if that is all your input is going to be.

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